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Privacy at the margins
One damn thing after another : memoirs of an attorney general
The statesman as thinker : portraits of greatness, courage, and moderation
Borders of violence and justice : Mexicans, Mexican Americans, and law enforcement in the Southwest, 1835-1935
The lawful forest : a critical history of property, protest and spatial justice
State consumer protection law
White-collar criminal prosecutions in the U.S. and U.K. : a comparative treatise for practitioners
The practitioner's guide to trials before the patent trial and appeal board
The commercial office lease handbook : New York model clauses and commentary
The fraudulent transfer of wealth : unwound and explained
Impact investing and social enterprises : global progress and challenges
Cultural heritage as a legal hybrid : between public and private law
International legal theory : foundations and frontiers
Towards gender equality in law : an analysis of state failures from a global perspective
Capital's terrorists : Klansmen, lawmen, and employers in the long nineteenth century
A century of repression : the Espionage Act and freedom of the press
The Idea of Prison Abolition
Laboratories against democracy : how national parties transformed state politics
Moral gravity : staying together at the end of the world
The revolutionary : Samuel Adams
Rivers of power : how a natural force raised kingdoms, destroyed civilizations, and shapes our world
South to America : a journey below the Mason-Dixon to understand the soul of a nation
Spin dictators : the changing face of tyranny in the 21st century
The structure of tort law : history, theory, and doctrine of non-contractual claims for compensation
Unpayable debt
Utopian thinking in law, politics, architecture and technology : hope in a hopeless world
Viral justice : how we grow the world we want
The science of proof : forensic medicine in modern France
Adventures in childhood : intellectual property, imagination and the business of play
Explaining tort and crime : legal development across laws and legal systems, 1850-2020
Law as an instrument : sources of Chinese law for authoritarian legality
Negative comparative law : a strong programme for weak thought
Path lit by lightning : the life of Jim Thorpe
Administering freedom : the state of emancipation after the Freedmen's Bureau
Democratic justice : Felix Frankfurter, the Supreme Court, and the making of the liberal establishment
The divider : Trump in the White House, 2017-2021
Escape to the city : fugitive slaves in the antebellum urban South
First among men : George Washington and the myth of American masculinity
Fundamentals of construction claims : a 10-step guide for general contractors, subcontractors, architects and engineers
Holding the line : inside the nation's preeminent US Attorney's Office and its battle with the Trump Justice Department
Indigenous continent : the epic contest for North America
Indivisible : Daniel Webster and the birth of American nationalism
The Janus point : a new theory of time
Liberalism in dark times : the liberal ethos in the twentieth century
The man who understood democracy : the life of Alexis de Tocqueville
No more police : a case for abolition
Nothing but the night : Leopold & Loeb and the truth behind the murder that rocked 1920s America
The Oxford handbook of administrative justice
Raising Lazarus : hope, justice, and the future of America's overdose crisis
State of disaster : the failure of U.S. migration policy in an age of climate change
Up against the law : radical lawyers and social movements, 1960s-1970s
The triumph of broken promises : the end of the Cold War and the rise of neoliberalism
Tax cooperation in an unjust world
Criminal fraud and election disinformation : law and politics
Transforming biodiversity governance
Showing the value of the legal department : more than just a cost center
What is...the anti-kickback statute?
The lawyer's guide to collaboration tools and technologies : smart ways to work together
Lemon law : cars in the courtroom
Guide to patent policies of standards-development organizations
Guide to multijurisdictional admission to practice requirements for state and local tax lawyers
Constructing basic liberties : a defense of substantive due process
Contemporary state building : elite taxation and public safety in Latin America
Embodied injustice : race, disability, and health
Fairness and rights in international criminal procedure
The intellectual property of nations : sociological and historical perspectives on a modern legal institution
The Inter American Court of Human Rights : the legitimacy of international courts and tribunals
The legal memo : 50 exercises for mastery : practice for the new legal writer
Power to the people : constitutionalism in the age of populism
Second-class daughters : Black Brazilian women and informal adoption as modern slavery
The comparative method in the science of law
Lost and found in early Irish Law : Aidbred, Heptad 64, and Muirbretha
Read these banned books : a journal and 52-week reading challenge from the American Library Association
Persons of the market : conservatism, corporate personhood, and economic theology
The racialized social system : critical race theory as social theory
United States Post Office : a legal research guide
Gender, alterity and human rights : freedom in a fishbowl
Obedience is freedom
Smart legal contracts : computable law in theory and practice
And there was light : Abraham Lincoln and the American struggle
The bitter end : the 2020 presidential campaign and the challenge to American democracy
The chaos machine : the inside story of how social media rewired our minds and our world
On critical race theory : why it matters & why you should care
Pandemic politics : the deadly toll of partisanship in the age of COVID
Religious liberty and the American founding : natural rights and the original meanings of the First Amendment Religion Clauses
Revolution by law : the federal government and the desegregation of Alabama schools
Servants of the damned : giant law firms, Donald Trump, and the corruption of justice
Understanding the rights of nature : a critical introduction
Undesirable immigrants : why racism persists in international migration
Washington's heir : the life of Justice Bushrod Washington
What we owe the future
The Women's House of Detention : a queer history of a forgotten prison
A conflict of laws companion : essays in honour of Adrian Briggs QC
Conservative revolutionary : the lives of Lewis Namier
Inclusive sustainability : harmonising disability law and policy
Not thinking like a liberal
Oxford handbook of medical ethics and law
Sex, consent and justice : a new feminist framework
A theological jurisprudence of speculative cinema : superheroes, science fictions and fantasies of modern law
Alibis and corroborators : psychological, criminological, and legal perspectives
Artificial intelligence and international law
Intellectual property and the brain : how neuroscience will reshape legal protection for creations of the mind
Post pandemic facilitation of air transport : legal, political and economic aspects
Refugee law
Sociological approaches to theories of law
Resolving gerrymandering : a manageable standard
How to play the game : what every sports attorney needs to know
Esports and the law : a game plan for business and legal trends
Free speech : from core values to current debates
Social security disability law and the American labor market
The meddlers : sovereignty, empire, and the birth of global economic governance
Unbound : how inequality constricts our economy and what we can do about it
Collateral damages : landlords and the urban housing crisis
The Green New Deal and the future of work
The International Criminal Court and the responsibility to protect
Badges without borders : how global counterinsurgency transformed American policing
Empires of ideas : creating the modern university from Germany to America to China
Environmental constitutionalism in the anthropocene : values, principles and actions
Grasping legal time : temporality and European migration law
Migrants' rights, populism, and legal resilience in Europe
Prosecuting environmental harm before the International Criminal Court
The pursuit of equality in the West
Queering family trees : race, reproductive justice, and lesbian motherhood
Responses to serious offending by children : principles, practice and global perspectives
Routledge handbook of law and the COVID-19 pandemic
Tacky's revolt : the story of an Atlantic slave war
A world after liberalism : philosophers of the radical right
Heirs' property and the Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act : challenges, solutions, and historic reform
The Class Action Fairness Act : law and strategy
The fine art of trial advocacy : a young lawyer's resource for success
The family law professional's field guide to high-conflict litigation : dynamics, not diagnoses
Law, war and the penumbra of uncertainty : legal cultures, extra-legal reasoning and the use of force
Ableism at work : disablement and hierarchies of impairment
An economist goes to the game : how to throw away 580 million and other surprising insights from the economics of sports
Freedom : an unruly history
The listeners : a history of wiretapping in the United States
Why White liberals fail : race and Southern politics from FDR to Trump
Empire and legal thought : ideas and institutions from antiquity to modernity
Whiggish international law
The human rights to water and sanitation
The propagandists' playbook : how conservative elites manipulate search and threaten democracy
Three moments in the history of the ius gentium (1500-1700) : an essay on the evolution of the right of peoples
Worse than nothing : the dangerous fallacy of originalism
The gospel of freedom : Black evangelicals and the Underground Railroad
Arsyad al-Banjari's insights on parallel reasoning and dialectic in law : the development of Islamic argumentation theory in the 18th Century in Southeast Asia
New handbook for a post-Roe America : the complete guide to abortion legality, access, and practical support
Dress codes : how the laws of fashion made history
Dollars for life : the anti-abortion movement and the fall of the Republican establishment
Neighborhood watch : policing white spaces in America
Why privacy matters
Beyond data : human rights, ethical and social impact assessment in AI
The Congo trials in the International Criminal Court
Derivatives regulation : rules and reasoning from Lehman to Covid
Encountering land grab : an ethnographic journey
Ensuring poverty : welfare reform in feminist perspective
The environment through the lens of international courts and tribunals
The ethical, legal and social issues of pandemics : an analysis from the EU perspective
Law and migration in a changing world
Law school exams : a guide to better grades
Power and pluralism in international law : private international law and globalization
Rethinking the concept of law of nature : natural order in the light of contemporary science
The state immunity controversy in international law : private suits against sovereign states in domestic courts
Victim advocacy before the International Criminal Court
Female genital mutilation : when culture and law clash
The imagined juror : how hypothetical juries influence federal prosecutors
Anti-semitism and the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement
Zionism and the melting pot : preachers, pioneers, and modern Jewish politics
All-American dogs : a history of presidential pets from every era
Arrive and thrive : 7 impactful practices for women navigating leadership
Catholics and treason : martyrology, memory, and politics in the post-reformation
Developing anti-racist practices in the helping professions : inclusive theory, pedagogy, and application
Disruptive prisoners : resistance, reform, and the New Deal
The flow of illicit funds : a case study approach to anti-money laundering compliance
Happy dreams of liberty : an American family in slavery and freedom
The law and politics of global competition : influence and legitimacy in the international competition network
Regulatory governance : policy making, legislative drafting and law reform
Not one inch : America, Russia, and the making of post-Cold War stalemate
Principles of international investment law
Carving out a humanity : race, rights, and redemption
Autonomous organizations
Consumer genetic technologies : ethical and legal considerations
The politics of patronage : lawyers, philanthropy, and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund
Convictions without truth : the incompatibility of science and law
Cuban privilege : the making of immigrant inequality in America
Digital constitutionalism in Europe : reframing rights and powers in the algorithmic society
The dreadful word : speech crime and polite gentlemen in Massachusetts, 1690-1776
Human dignity in international law
An introduction to international organizations law
Leadership matters : confronting the hard choices facing higher education
Migration law, policy and human rights : the impact of crisis in Europe
Pain, penance, and protest : peine forte et dure in medieval England
The small matter of suing Chevron
Experimenting with humans and animals : from Aristotle to CRISPR
Golden : the power of silence in a world of noise
The Johns Hopkins guide to psychological first aid
The new sex wars : sexual harm in the #MeToo era
Policing welfare : punitive adversarialism in public assistance
Remaking Appalachia : ecosocialism, ecofeminism, and law
Rude citizenship : Jamaican popular music, copyright, and the reverberations of colonial power
Uncertain ground : citizenship in an age of endless, invisible war
The right to data protection : individual and structural dimensions of data protection in EU law
Political philosophy and taxation : a history from the Enlightenment to the present
The materiality of the legal order
The cabinet : George Washington and the creation of an American institution
The tudor sheriff : a study in early modern administration
Character : writing and reputation in Victorian law and literature
Confronting school violence : a synthesis of six decades of research
Contracts for the sale of goods : a comparison of U.S. and international law
Cults : inside the world's most notorious groups and understanding the people who joined them
Deleuze's philosophy of law
Discourses on corruption : interdisciplinary and intercultural perspectives
Marriage unbound : state law, power, and inequality in contemporary China
Met her on the mountain : the murder of Nancy Morgan
This will not pass : Trump, Biden and the battle for America's future
The Invention of custom : natural law and the law of nations, ca. 1550-1750
Covid-19 and capitalism : success and failure of the legal methods for dealing with a pandemic
Human rights litigation against multinationals in practice
Nuclear law : the global debate
Digisprudence : code as law rebooted
The new goliaths : how corporations use software to dominate industries, kill innovation, and undermine regulation
International law and the politics of history
Classified : the untold story of racial classification in America
Legal spectatorship : slavery and the visual culture of domestic violence
Liquor and the liberal state : drink and order before prohibition
Not born yesterday : the science of who we trust and what we believe
The Routledge handbook of virtue epistemology
Desperate remedies : psychiatry's turbulent quest to cure mental illness
Irreconcilable founders : Spencer Roane, John Marshall, and the nature of America's constitutional republic
The next shift : the fall of industry and the rise of health care in rust belt America
The proof : uses of evidence in law, politics, and everything else
Big data and the welfare state : how the information revolution threatens social solidarity
A letter to my white friends and colleagues : what you can do right now to help the Black community
WTO law and policy : a political economy approach
Ecolaw : legality, life, and the normativity of nature
The legal scholar's guidebook
Spies, lies, and algorithms : the history and future of American intelligence
All health politics is local : community battles for medical care and environmental health
The globalization of legal education : a critical perspective
A guide to civil procedure : integrating critical legal perspectives
Legal interpreting : teaching, research, and practice
Religion and the American constitutional experiment
When freedom speaks : the boundaries and the boundlessness of our First Amendment right
Papal jurisprudence, 385-1234 : social origins and Medieval reception of Canon Law
The murder of Professor Schlick : the rise and fall of the Vienna Circle
The business of liberty : freedom and information in ethics, politics, and law
Hate in the homeland : the new global far right
International criminal jurisdiction : whose law must we obey?
Science for a Green New Deal : connecting climate, economics, and social justice
Can courts be bulwarks of democracy? : judges and the politics of prudence
For labor to build upon : wars, depression and pandemic
Justice for all : repairing American criminal justice
Let the people pick the president : the case for abolishing the Electoral College
The practice of American constitutional law
Researching the European Court of Justice : methodological shifts and law's embeddedness
International perspectives on end-of-life law reform : politics, persuasion and persistence
Social equity and LGBTQ rights : dismantling discrimination and expanding civil rights
The birth certificate : an American history
We the fallen people : the founders and the future of American democracy
Knowing our limits
A theory of the executive branch : tension and legality
Shared and institutional agency : toward a planning theory of human practical organization
The law of commercial surety and miscellaneous bonds
Tax issues for immigrants : a practical guide to understanding tax law for immigrant taxpayers
Scarlet A : the ethics, law, and politics of ordinary abortion
Books under fire : a hit list of banned and challenged children's books
Intimations of mortality : medical decision-making at the end of life
The ABA cybersecurity handbook : a resource for attorneys, law firms, and business professionals
The justice laboratory : international law in Africa
Alabama justice : the cases and faces that changed a nation
Google rules : the history and future of copyright under the influence of Google
The centaur's dilemma : national security law for the coming AI revolution
Studies in global animal law
A guide to EU environmental law
The decline of natural law : how American lawyers once used natural law and why they stopped
A guide to U.S. environmental law
The Fourth Amendment in an age of surveillance