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New Books List

New books on this list are located on the new books shelf in the reading room. The new books shelf is immediately to your right when entering the leftmost door to the reading room.
Library users may request new books to be placed on hold and the book will become available for check-out the day following the request.
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Crucible : the President's first year

Harvey Milk : his lives and death

Religious freedom : the contested history of an American ideal

The death of expertise : the campaign against established knowledge and why it matters

Justice and leadership in early Islamic courts

City of debtors : a century of fringe finance

Humanizing the laws of war : the Red Cross and the development of international humanitarian law

Smuggling of migrants by sea : EU legal framework and future perspective

A people's constitution : the everyday life of law in the Indian republic

Rightful heritage : Franklin D. Roosevelt and the land of America

Boundaries of the international : law and empire

American capitalism : new histories

In the red and in the black : debt, dishonor, and the law in France between revolutions

World War One in global history 1914 to 1924 : a brief calendar of state practice

Constituent assemblies

Multiracials and civil rights : mixed-race stories of discrimination

Horsemen of the Trumpocalypse : a field guide to the most dangerous people in America

The final act : the Helsinki Accords and the transformation of the Cold War

Responsible parties : saving democracy from itself

Before the JD : undergraduate views on law school

The million-dollar man who helped kill a president : George Washington Gayle and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Crusader without violence : a biography of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The law and liability of small aircraft

Celebrating diversity : a legacy of minority leadership in the American Association of Law Libraries

Setting the people free : the story of democracy

IP strategies for medical device technologies : be your own incubator

Smack-Bam, or The art of governing men : political fairy tales of Édouard Laboulaye

I am Sonia Sotomayor

Asia ascending : insider strategies for competing with the global colossus

Closed ranks : the Whitehurst case in post-civil rights Montgomery

How everything became war and the military became everything : tales from the Pentagon

Dopesick : dealers, doctors, and the drug company that addicted America

Insider trading : law, ethics, and reform

Workers' tales : socialist fairy tales, fables, and allegories from Great Britain

Ramp Hollow : the ordeal of Appalachia

The captive's quest for freedom : fugitive slaves, the 1850 Fugitive Slave Law, and the politics of slavery

Fear : Trump in the White House

Dramatic justice : trial by theater in the age of the French Revolution

General principles of law and international due process : principles and norms applicable in transnational disputes

A hard rain : America in the 1960s, our decade of hope, possibility, and innocence lost

The Oxford handbook of legal history

Becoming Lincoln

Southern nation : Congress and white supremacy after reconstruction

The rule of law in the real world

The FBI's obscene file : J. Edgar Hoover and the Bureau's crusade against smut

President McKinley : architect of the American century

The art of censorship in postwar Japan

Messengers of the Right : conservative media and the transformation of American politics

Transaction risk : a legal guide to contractual management strategies

Due diligence of trust-owned life insurance

Pre-ANDA litigation : strategies and tactics for developing a drug product and patent portfolio

Representing people with mental disabilities

Civil RICO : a definitive guide

Assisted reproductive technology : a lawyer's guide to emerging law and science

A practical handbook for the child's attorney : effectively representing children in custody cases

Conqueror's son : Duke Robert Curthose, thwarted king

Law and language in the Middle Ages

What is . . . medical staff peer review?

Being heard : presentation skills for attorneys

The value-able law firm : delivering client-focused, higher-value legal service for clients and law firms

The charging orders practice guide : understanding judgment creditor rights against LLC members

The bankruptcy handbook for franchisors and franchisees

Courtrooms, cartridges, and campfires : lawyering on the last frontier Alaska

From prohibited immigrants to citizens : the origins of citizenship and nationality in South Africa

The president as commander in chief : an essay in constitutional vision

Enlightenment now : the case for reason, science, humanism, and progress

Racial taxation : schools, segregation, and taxpayer citizenship, 1869-1973

The Antonine Constitution : an edict for the Caracallan Empire

Video games and the law

The philosophy of customary law

Freedom from religion and human rights law : strengthening the right to freedom of religion and belief for non-religious and atheist rights-holders

Real leaders negotiate! : gaining, using, and keeping the power to lead through negotiation

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's legacy of dissent : feminist rhetoric and the law

Stemming the tide : human rights and water policy in a neoliberal world

Unconstitutional constitutional amendments : the limits of amendment powers

Judicial independence and the American constitution : a democratic paradox

The trial of Tempel Anneke : records of a witchcraft trial in Brunswick, Germany, 1663

Margaret Pole : the Countess in the Tower

Borrowed judges : visitors in the U.S. Courts of Appeals

Illegality, inc. : clandestine migration and the business of bordering Europe

Global indigenous politics : a subtle revolution

Supreme Court of India : the beginnings

The long hangover : Putin's new Russia and the ghosts of the past

Law, legislation, and liberty : a new statement of the liberal principles of justice and political economy

The Qur'an and the Bible : text and commentary

The chicken trail : following workers, migrants, and corporations across the Americas

They thought they were free : the Germans, 1933-45

Torn from their bindings : a story of art, science, and the pillaging of American university libraries

To be free and French : citizenship in France's Atlantic empire

Empire and ecology in the Bengal Delta : the making of Calcutta

The amended and annotated Criminal procedure law of the People's Republic of China with official interpretations

Atticus Finch : the biography : Harper Lee, her father, and the making of an American icon

Scalia v. Scalia : opportunistic textualism in constitutional interpretation

God and the illegal alien : United States immigration law and a theology of politics

In the shadow of Vitoria : a history of international law in Spain (1770-1953)

Indigenous prosperity and American conquest : Indian women of the Ohio River Valley, 1690-1792

The spectre of race : how discrimination haunts western democracy

The role of circuit courts in the formation of United States law in the early Republic : following Supreme Court Justices Washington, Livingston, Story, and Thompson

Law, culture and visual studies

Holocaust, genocide, and the law : a quest for justice in a post-holocaust world

Property and dispossession : natives, empires and land in early modern North America

Atrocity speech law : foundation, fragmentation, fruition

Deep roots : how slavery still shapes Southern politics

Framing law and crime : an interdisciplinary anthology

The known citizen : a history of privacy in modern America

A time to speak : selected writings and arguments

Music copyright law

Losing Eden : an environmental history of the American West

All the single ladies : unmarried women and the rise of an independent nation

Blood will tell : Native Americans and assimilation policy

Universal health care as a human right : the argument of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Loaded : a disarming history of the Second Amendment

They knew Lincoln

British Empire and the literature of rebellion : revolting bodies, laboring subjects

Absolute power : how the pope became the most influential man in the world

Irresolvable norm conflicts in international law : the concept of a legal dilemma

Defending the masses : a progressive lawyer's battles for free speech

The loyal republic : traitors, slaves, and the remaking of citizenship in Civil War America

American default : the untold story of FDR, the Supreme Court, and the battle over gold

Joint tenancies : property leasing in cannabis commerce

Kings and presidents : Saudi Arabia and the United States since FDR

Class matters : the strange career of an American delusion

Gender justice and legal reform in Egypt : negotiating Muslim family law

Jews on trial : judges, juries, prosecutors and defendants from the era of Jesus to our own time

The Paris agreement on climate change : analysis and commentary

California greenin' : how the Golden State became an environmental leader

Law and Politics of the Taiwan Sunflower and Hong Kong Umbrella Movements

Imposing risk : a normative framework

God's businessmen : entrepreneurial evangelicals in Depression and war

Memory laws, memory wars : the politics of the past in Europe and Russia

European sports law : collected papers

The future is history : how totalitarianism reclaimed Russia

The psychology of criminal and antisocial behavior : victim and offender perspectives

Essays on the history of parliamentary procedure : in honour of Thomas Erskine May

Law and society in later medieval England and Ireland : essays in honour of Paul Brand

Children's rights : new issues, new themes, new perspectives

International organizations and the fight for accountability : the remedies and reparations gap

Fugitive science : empiricism and freedom in early African American culture

The acts of Welsh rulers, 1120-1283

The Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities : a commentary

Seeking sanctuary : crime, mercy, and politics in English courts, 1400-1550

Dance in chains : political imprisonment in the modern world

The innovator's dilemma : when new technologies cause great firms to fail

Indians in the family : adoption and the politics of antebellum expansion

Policy shock : recalibrating risk and regulation after oil spills, nuclear accidents, and financial crises

Gilded suffragists : the New York socialites who fought for women's right to vote

Against marriage : an egalitarian defence of the marriage-free state

American fair trade : proprietary capitalism, corporatism, and the "new competition", 1890-1940

Patience and fortitude : power, real estate, and the fight to save a public library

War on peace : the end of diplomacy and the decline of American influence

Children of uncertain fortune : mixed-race Jamaicans in Britain and the Atlantic family, 1733-1833

Anatomy of a genocide : the life and death of a town called Buczacz

Revolution song : a story of American freedom

Lioness : Golda Meir and the nation of Israel

Aboriginal rights claims and the making and remaking of history

The sovereignty wars : reconciling America with the world

The square and the tower : networks and power, from the Freemasons to Facebook

Citizenship, inequality, and difference : historical perspectives

The Indian world of George Washington : the first President, the first Americans, and the birth of the nation

Corazón de Dixie : Mexicanos in the U.S. South since 1910

War's desolating scourge : the Union's occupation of north Alabama

The death of democracy : Hitler's rise to power and the downfall of the Weimar Republic

Armed in America : a history of gun rights from colonial militias to concealed carry

Making habeas work : a legal history

Congress and the people's contest : the conduct of the Civil War

Politics of religious freedom

The burning house : Jim Crow and the making of modern America

The line becomes a river : dispatches from the border

The book thieves : the Nazi looting of Europe's libraries and the race to return a literary inheritance

Color and character : West Charlotte High and the American struggle over educational equality

A different shade of justice : Asian American civil rights in the South

A short history of European law : the last two and a half millennia

The timing of lawmaking

Parenting plans : meeting the challenges with facts and analysis

Answering the call : an autobiography of the modern struggle to end racial discrimination in America

The Marshall Plan : dawn of the Cold War

Law and the Holocaust : U.S. cases and materials

Putinomics : power and money in resurgent Russia

Most of 14th Street is gone : the Washington, DC riots of 1968

Minority leader : how to lead from the outside and make real change

How India became democratic : citizenship and the making of the universal franchise

Hard, hard religion : interracial faith in the poor South

Drafting the Irish Constitution, 1935-1937 : transnational influences in interwar Europe

Understanding law for public administration

Porous borders : multiracial migrations and the law in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands

Where our protection lies : separation of powers and constitutional review

What we owe : truths, myths, and lies about public debt

Impeachment : a citizen's guide

Law of the jungle : the $19 billion legal battle over oil in the rain forest and the lawyer who'd stop at nothing to win

The right to food and the World Trade Organization's rules on agriculture : conflicting, compatible, or complementary?

Without precedent : John Marshall and his times

Gentlemen revolutionaries : power and justice in the new American republic

Settled versus right : a theory of precedent

Dispossessed lives : enslaved women, violence, and the archive

Anatomy of a banking scandal : the Keystone Bank failure--harbinger of the 2008 financial crisis

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