Access to Materials

Patrons who wish to use Special Collections material should make their requests to the Curator of Archival Collections David Durham (205-348-2480, ddurham@law.ua.edu). Requests for materials from our larger collections should be made to Dr. Durham well in advance of your visit to the library. Certain materials in our collections are restricted and are therefore unavailable for public use.

  1. Neither food or drink is allowed in the John C. Payne Reading Room.
  2. Patrons should only take notes in pencil. Paper and pencils will be provided on request. Guests may not mark on materials, use sticky-notes, or other adhesive bookmarks.
  3. Patrons may only examine one container of archival materials at a time, and should preserve the exact order of items within folders. Similarly, no more than five volumes from the closed stacks may be examined at a time.
  4. Patrons should return all materials examined to a staff member.
  5. Reproduction of materials for research purposes is permitted; however, we reserve the right to decline reproduction requests due to copyright, confidentiality, or condition.