New Books List

New books on this list are located on the new books shelf in the reading room. The new books shelf is immediately to your right when entering the leftmost door to the reading room.
Faculty may request new books to be placed on hold and the book will be delivered the day following the request.
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Studies in global animal law
Human rights litigation against multinationals in practice
Nuclear law : the global debate
Researching the European Court of Justice : methodological shifts and law's embeddedness
International perspectives on end-of-life law reform : politics, persuasion and persistence
Discourses on corruption : interdisciplinary and intercultural perspectives
The globalization of legal education : a critical perspective
A guide to civil procedure : integrating critical legal perspectives
Legal interpreting : teaching, research, and practice
The law of commercial surety and miscellaneous bonds
Bentham on democracy, courts, and codification
Bias in the law : a definitive look at racial prejudice in the U.S. criminal justice system
Gender and domestic violence : contemporary legal practice and intervention reforms
Global warming of 1.5°c : IPCC special report on the impacts of global warming of 1.5°c above pre-industrial levels and related global greenhouse gas emission pathways, in the context of strengthening the global response to the threat of climate change, sustainable development, and efforts to eradicate poverty
The legacy of slavery at Harvard : report and recommendations of the Presidential Committee
Locating nature : making and unmaking international law
The Oxford handbook of law and anthropology
The United States and international law : paradoxes of support across contemporary issues
Governing carbon markets with distributed ledger technology
Law as religion, religion as law
Women's voices : global perspectives on the right to vote
The United Nations and human rights : a critical appraisal
Animal cruelty investigations : a collaborative approach from victim to verdict
The Cambridge handbook of disaster law and policy : risk, recovery and redevelopment
COVID-19 in Asia : law and policy contexts
Design in legal education
Fiduciary obligations in business
Justice outsourced : the therapeutic jurisprudence implications of judicial decision-making by nonjudicial officers
Law and literature : the Irish case
Law librarianship in the age of AI
Maus now : selected writings
Neo-Thomism in action : law and society reshaped by neo-scholastic philosophy, 1880-1960
Theorizing local migration law and governance
Without trimmings : the legal, moral, and political philosophy of Matthew Kramer
The Cambridge handbook of artificial intelligence : global perspectives on law and ethics
Corporate law and sustainability from the next generation of lawyers
The Routledge handbook of the gig economy
Standard of living : essays on economics, history, and religion in honor of John E. Murray
Student's experiences of psychosocial problems in higher education : battling and belonging
Transgression and deviance in the ancient world
Animals in the international law of armed conflict
Safeguarding the quality of forensic assessment in sentencing : a review across western nations
Racism and resistance : essays on Derrick Bell's racial realism
The development of the Law of the Sea Convention : the role of international courts and tribunals
Representing people with dementia : a practical guide for criminal defense lawyers
Cornerstone at the confluence : navigating the Colorado River Compact's next century
Feminist approaches to law : theoretical and historical insights
The Scribes manual for law review editors
Vigilante justice in society and popular culture : a global perspective
Voicing identity : cultural appropriation and Indigenous issues
Constitutionalizing transitional justice : how constitutions and constitutional courts deal with past atrocity
Corporate liability for transboundary enviornmental harm : an international and transnational perspective
Epistemic justice and creative agency : global perspectives on literature and film
Immigrant and asylum seekers labour market integration upon arrival: NowHereLand : a biographical perspective
Legal mobilization for human rights
The making of the civil codes : a twenty-first century perspective
Procedural requirements for administrative limits to property rights
What is legal education for? : re-assessing the purposes of early twenty-first century learning and law schools
Christianity, ethics and the law : the concept of love in Christian legal thought
Accountability for mass starvation : testing the limits of the law
Chinese legality : ideology, law, and institutions
¡Printing the revolution! : the rise and impact of Chicano graphics, 1965 to now
Resilience in energy, infrastructure, and natural resources law : examining legal pathways for sustainability in times of disruption
Thriving in a male-dominated workplace
The trauma of racism : lessons from the therapeutic encounter
Abrams, Dan
Kennedy's avenger : assassination, conspiracy, and the forgotten trial of Jack Ruby
Abt, Thomas
Bleeding out : the devastating consequences of urban violence--and a bold new plan for peace in the streets
Achorn, Edward
The Lincoln miracle : inside the Republican convention that changed history
Ackermann, Tobias
The effects of armed conflict on investment treaties
Adams, Deanna M.
Advancing equity at the intersection of race, mental illness, and criminal justice involvement
Agarwal, Girish
Civilian drones, visual privacy and EU human rights law
Allen, Jason Grant
Non-statutory executive powers and judicial review
Allen-Kyle, Portia
Advice to thrive by : how to use your résumé and cover letter to build your brand and launch a dynamic public interest career
Alschner, Wolfgang
Investment arbitration and state-driven reform : new treaties, old outcomes
Angeleri, Stefano
Irregular migrants and the right to health
Antoine, Mary Elise
Enslaved, indentured, free : five Black women on the Upper Mississippi, 1800-1850
Ariens, Michael S.
The lawyer's conscience : a history of American lawyer ethics
Babeck, Wolfgang
Writing constitutions. Volume I, Institutions
Bach, Wendy A.
Prosecuting poverty, criminalizing care
Backhouse, Constance
Reckoning with racism : police, judges, and the RDS case
Baker, James E.
The centaur's dilemma : national security law for the coming AI revolution
Ballantyne, Nathan
Knowing our limits
Banner, Stuart
The decline of natural law : how American lawyers once used natural law and why they stopped
Barber Rioja, Virginia
Mental health evaluations in immigration court : a guide for mental health and legal professionals
Barnes, Mihaela Maria
State-owned entities and human rights : the role of international law
Barr, William Pelham
One damn thing after another : memoirs of an attorney general
Batchis, Wayne
Throwing the party : how the Supreme Court puts political party organizations ahead of voters
Bazargan-Forward, Saba
Authority, cooperation, and accountability
Behnken, Brian D.
Borders of violence and justice : Mexicans, Mexican Americans, and law enforcement in the Southwest, 1835-1935
Bell, Charles
Suspended : punishment, violence, and the failure of school safety
Benyera, Everisto
The failure of the International Criminal Court in Africa : decolonising global justice
Berenguer, Elizabeth E.
The legal scholar's guidebook
Bernstein, David E.
Classified : the untold story of racial classification in America
Bessen, James
The new goliaths : how corporations use software to dominate industries, kill innovation, and undermine regulation
Bixby, Patrick
License to travel : a cultural history of the passport
Boelzner, David
Writing sentences that work : essentials for law students
Braun, Alexandra
Claiming a promised inheritance : a comparative study
Breathnach, Ciara
Ordinary lives, death, and social class : Dublin City Coroner's Court, 1876-1902
Broad, Rosemary
Demystifying modern slavery
Brown, Adam R.
The dead hand's grip : how long constitutions bind states
Brown, Heidi K. (Heidi Kristin)
The flourishing lawyer : a multi-dimensional approach to performance and well-being
Brown, Lawrence T.
The black butterfly : the harmful politics of race and space in America
Brown, Steven Preston
Alabama justice : the cases and faces that changed a nation
Brown, Tony C.
Statelessness : on almost not existing
Bruin, Boudewijn de
The business of liberty : freedom and information in ethics, politics, and law
Brundage, James A.
Medieval canon Law
Buckley, Lucy-Ann
Combatting disability harassment at work : human rights in practice
Burton, Mandy
Domestic abuse, victims and the law
Byttebier, K. (Koen)
Covid-19 and capitalism : success and failure of the legal methods for dealing with a pandemic
Camphuijsen, Frans
Scripting justice in late medieval Europe : legal practice and communication in the law courts of Utrecht, York and Paris
Canton, Robert
Carlson, Kerstin Bree
The justice laboratory : international law in Africa
Casey-Maslen, Stuart
International law and policy on the protection of civilians
Castan Pinos, Jaume
Lawfare : new trajectories in law
Celeste, Edoardo
Digital constitutionalism : the role of internet bills of rights
Chanoff, David
We'll fight it out here : a history of the ongoing struggle for health equity
Chellappa, Rama
Can we trust AI?
Chervinsky, Lindsay M.
The cabinet : George Washington and the creation of an American institution
Chowkwanyun, Merlin
All health politics is local : community battles for medical care and environmental health
Christopoulos, John
Abortion in early modern Italy
Clark, Cristy
The lawful forest : a critical history of property, protest and spatial justice
Clark, David Scott
American comparative law : a history
Clooney, Amal
The right to a fair trial in international law
Coco, Antonio (Lawyer)
The defence of mistake of law in international criminal law : a study on ignorance and blame
Cole, Phillip
Global displacement in the twenty first century : towards an ethical framework
Constable, Nicole
Passport entanglements : protection, care, and precarious migrations
Cooter, Robert
Public law and economics
Cotterill, Ben F.
Are children reliable witnesses?
Cousins, Susan
Overcoming everyday racism : building resilience and wellbeing in the face of discrimination and microaggressions
Cowie, Jefferson
Freedom's dominion : a saga of white resistance to federal power
Croce, Mariano
Carl Schmitt's institutional theory : the political power of normality
Crowell, Thomas A.
The pocket lawyer for filmmakers : a legal toolkit for independent producers
Cutler, Max
Cults : inside the world's most notorious groups and understanding the people who joined them
D'Avray, D. L.
Papal jurisprudence, 385-1234 : social origins and Medieval reception of Canon Law
D'Errico, Peter P.
Federal anti-Indian law : the legal entrapment of indigenous peoples
Davidson, Eric A.
Science for a Green New Deal : connecting climate, economics, and social justice
Davies, Margaret (Law teacher)
Ecolaw : legality, life, and the normativity of nature
Daw, Chris
Justice on trial : radical solutions for a system at breaking point
De Sutter, Laurent
Deleuze's philosophy of law
Demarais, Agathe
Backfire : how sanctions reshape the world against U.S. interests
Deplano, Rossana
Empirical and theoretical perspectives on international law : how states use the UN General Assembly to create international obligations
Dernbach, John C.
Sustainability essentials : a leadership guide for lawyers
Di Sciullo, Alan M.
Casualty and insurance issues in commercial leases
Dickson, Julie
Elucidating law
Diener, Keith William
The lawyer's guide to business ethics
Dippel, Horst
Modern constitutionalism: origin and manifestations : England - North America - France - Germany - Europe/European Union - Latin America
Diver, Colin S.
Breaking ranks : how the rankings industry rules higher education and what to do about it
Diver, Laurence E.
Digisprudence : code as law rebooted
Dowdle, Michael W.
Transnational law : a framework for analysis
Duffey, William S.
The significant lawyer : the pursuit of purpose and professionalism
Edmonds, David
The murder of Professor Schlick : the rise and fall of the Vienna Circle
Eisenberg, Melvin Aron
Legal reasoning
Ekberg, Carl J.
Dawn's Light Woman & Nicolas Franchomme : marriage and law in the Illinois Country
Engle, Karen
The grip of sexual violence in conflict : feminist interventions in international law
Enrich, David
Servants of the damned : giant law firms, Donald Trump, and the corruption of justice
Epstein, Richard Allen
The dubious morality of modern administrative law
Ertür, Bașak
Spectacles and specters : a performative theory of political trials
Espiritu, Yen Le
Departures : an introduction to critical refugee studies
Fanone, Michael
Hold the line : the insurrection and one cop's battle for America's soul
Fasman, Jon
We see it all : liberty and justice in an age of perpetual surveillance
Fawcett, Edmund
Conservatism : the fight for a tradition
Feehily, Ronán
International commercial mediation : law and regulation in comparative context
Feller, Laura J. (Laura Janet)
Being Indigenous in Jim Crow Virginia : Powhatan people and the color line
Finch, Jessie K.
Legal professionals negotiating the borders of identity : operation streamline and competing identity management
Fischer, David Hackett
African founders : how enslaved people expanded American ideals
Fisher, Gerald A.
Local government law : a practical guidebook for public officials on city councils, community boards, and planning commissions
Fleming, Michael
In the shadow of the Holocaust : Poland, the United Nations War Crimes Commission, and the search for justice
Fleming, Sean
Leviathan on a leash : a theory of state responsibility
Flom, Hernán
The informal regulation of criminal markets in Latin America
Flowers, Catherine Coleman
Waste : one woman's fight against America's dirty secret
Fortier, Mark
Shakespeare's law
Fox O'Mahony, Lorna
Squatting and the state : resilient property in an age of crisis
Frank, Cathrine O.
Character : writing and reputation in Victorian law and literature
Gabriel, Henry D.
Contracts for the sale of goods : a comparison of U.S. and international law
Gage, Beverly
G-man : J. Edgar Hoover and the making of the American century
Gallant, Kenneth S.
International criminal jurisdiction : whose law must we obey?
García, María Cristina
State of disaster : the failure of U.S. migration policy in an age of climate change
Gaskill, Malcolm
The ruin of all witches : life and death in the New World
Genovese, Ann
Feminist jurisography : law, history, writing
Gerhardt, Michael J.
Lincoln's mentors : the education of a leader
Germeten, Nicole von
The enlightened patrolman : early law enforcement in Mexico City
Giacomini, Giada
Indigenous peoples and climate justice : a critical analysis of international human rights law and governance
Giles, Cynthia J.
Next generation compliance : environmental regulation for the modern era
Girasa, Rosario J.
Regulation of innovative technologies : blockchain, artificial intelligence and quantum computing
Goh, Kian
Form and flow : the spatial politics of urban resilience and climate justice
Gordon, Randy D.
The performance of law : everyday lawyering at the intersection of advocacy and imagination
Gould, William B.
For labor to build upon : wars, depression and pandemic
Gran, Brian
The sociology of children's rights
Gray, David C.
The Fourth Amendment in an age of surveillance
Gray, Joanne Elizabeth
Google rules : the history and future of copyright under the influence of Google
Greene, Christina
Free Joan Little : the politics of race, sexual violence, and imprisonment
Greenky, Lynn Levine
When freedom speaks : the boundaries and the boundlessness of our First Amendment right
Griffith, Aaron
God's law and order : the politics of punishment in evangelical America
Grover, Sonja C.
The democratic rule of law on trial : First Amendment cases of the Trump era
Gómez, Eduardo J.
Junk food politics : how beverage and fast food industries are reshaping emerging economies
Harbinja, Edina
Digital death, digital assets and post-mortem privacy
Heesters, Ann M.
How legal theory can save the life of healthcare ethics
Henderson, Stacey (Stacey Lee)
Atrocity crimes and international law : responsibility to protect, intercession, and non-forceful responses
Heuser, Beatrice
War : a genealogy of western ideas and practices
Hirata, Hayato
Analysis of legal argumentation documents : a computational argumentation approach
Hirshman, Linda
The color of abolition : how a printer, a prophet, and a contessa moved a nation
Hoeflich, Michael H.
Lucy and the judge : Wood v. Lucy, Lady Duff-Gordon
Hoffer, Peter Charles
Seward's law : country lawyering, relational rights, and slavery
Hordge-Freeman, Elizabeth
Second-class daughters : Black Brazilian women and informal adoption as modern slavery
Horinouchi, Hidehisa
Japan's practice of international law
Hornsby, Joseph Allen
My! Bama : a mom-noir
Howarth, Joan W.
Shaping the bar : the future of attorney licensing
Huhn, Wilson Ray
The five types of legal argument
Hutchinson, Robert
After Nuremberg : American clemency for Nazi war criminals
Häyry, Matti
Roles of justice in bioethics
Inboden, William
The peacemaker : Ronald Reagan, the Cold War, and the world on the brink
Ippolito, Francesca
Children's environmental rights under international and EU law. : the changing face of fundamental rights in pursuit of ecocentrism
Iurlaro, Francesca
The Invention of custom : natural law and the law of nations, ca. 1550-1750
Iversen, Torben
Big data and the welfare state : how the information revolution threatens social solidarity
Jacobowitz, Jan L.
Legal ethics and social media : a practitioner's handbook
Jagielska-Burduk, Alicja
Cultural heritage as a legal hybrid : between public and private law
Jarvis, Robert M
The expelled law student : a case law survey
Jevglevskaja, Natalia
International law and weapons review : emerging military technology under the law of armed conflict
Johnson, David E.
Irreconcilable founders : Spencer Roane, John Marshall, and the nature of America's constitutional republic
Johnson, Vincent R.
Mastering torts : a student's guide to the law of torts
Johnston, David
Roman law in context
Johs, Allison C.
How to do more in less time : the complete guide to increasing your productivity and improving your bottom line
Josephson, Tristan
On transits and transitions : trans migrants and U.S. immigration law
Jowett, Steph
Consent for medical treatment of trans youth
Joyce, John-Pierre
Odd men out : male homosexuality in Britain : from Wolfenden to gay liberation
Kaczor, Christopher
The ethics of abortion : women's rights, human life, and the question of justice
Kanaaneh, Rhoda Ann
The right kind of suffering : gender, sexuality, and Arab asylum seekers in America
Katz, Marion Holmes
Wives and work : Islamic law and ethics before modernity
Keena, James Alexander
Gerrymandering the states : partisanship, race, and the transformation of American federalism
Kemp, John D.
Disability friendly : how to move from clueless to inclusive
Kohtz, Rong Tao
Chinese family law and practice
Kokkalera, Stuti S.
In defense of juveniles sentenced to life : legal representation and juvenile criminal justice
Kolbert, Elizabeth
Under a white sky : the nature of the future
Kornbluth, Andrew
The August trials : the Holocaust and postwar justice in Poland
Krenn, Christoph
The procedural and organisational law of the European Court of Justice : an incomplete transformation
Laitos, Jan G.
Rethinking environmental law : why environmental laws should conform to the laws of nature
Lammasniemi, Laura
Law dissertations : a step-by-step guide
Landsberg, Brian K.
Revolution by law : the federal government and the desegregation of Alabama schools
Lanoszka, Anna
Corporate governance and economic development : identifying critical institutional reforms
Larson, Edward J. (Edward John)
American inheritance : liberty and slavery in the birth of a nation, 1765-1795
Lave, Tamara Rice
Sexual assault on campus : defending due process
Lee, William E. (William Eyre)
The law of public communication
Lefkowitz, Dena
Winning in your own court : 10 laws for a successful career without burning out or selling out
Lenowitz, Jeffrey A.
Constitutional ratification without reason
Li, Ke (Sociologist)
Marriage unbound : state law, power, and inequality in contemporary China
Lichterman, Paul
How civic action works : fighting for housing in Los Angeles
Ligthart, Sjors
Coercive brain-reading in criminal justice : an analysis of European human rights law
Loftsgordon, Amy
Credit repair
Logan, Wayne A.
The ex post facto clause : its history and role in a punitive society
Lora, Sarah
Tax issues for immigrants : a practical guide to understanding tax law for immigrant taxpayers
Lucassen, Jan
The story of work: a new history of humankind
Lunow, Clara
Narratives against enslavement from the court rooms of nineteenth-century Brazil : fighting for freedom
Lyon, Jonathan Reed
Corruption, protection and justice in Medieval Europe : a thousand-year history
Lüthi, Barbara
The freedom riders across borders : contentious mobilities
Mac Amhlaigh, Cormac
New constitutional horizons : towards a pluralist constitutional theory
MacLean, Charles (Professor of criminal justice)
Justice for all : repairing American criminal justice
Maifreda, Germano
The trial of Giordano Bruno
Malleck, Dan
Liquor and the liberal state : drink and order before prohibition
Marder, Nancy S.
The power of the jury : transforming citizens into jurors
Marglin, Jessica M.
The Shamama case : contesting citizenship across the modern Mediterranean
Martin, Jonathan (Newspaper reporter)
This will not pass : Trump, Biden and the battle for America's future
Martin, Lerone A.
The gospel of J. Edgar Hoover : how the FBI aided and abetted the rise of white Christian nationalism
Marty, Robin
New handbook for a post-Roe America : the complete guide to abortion legality, access, and practical support
Maslach, Christina
The burnout challenge : managing people's relationships with their jobs
McGovern, Jonathan
The tudor sheriff : a study in early modern administration
Mercier, Hugo
Not born yesterday : the science of who we trust and what we believe
Michelman, Frank I.
Constitutional essentials : on the constitutional theory of political liberalism
Miller-Idriss, Cynthia
Hate in the homeland : the new global far right
Milovanovic, Dragan
Sociology of law
Mitchell, Catherine
Vanishing contract law : common law in the age of contracts
Modarressi Tabataba'i, Hossein
Text and interpretation : imam JaΜfar al-Ṣādiq and his legacy in Islamic law
Monestier, Tanya J.
Sh*t no one tells you about law school
Moore, Kelli
Legal spectatorship : slavery and the visual culture of domestic violence
Moreno, Paul D.
How the Court became Supreme : the origins of American juristocracy
Morris, John C. (John Charles)
Clean water policy and state choice : promise and performance in the Water Quality Act
Motsi-Omoijiade, Immaculate Dadiso
Cryptocurrency regulation : a reflexive law approach
Mulder, Nicholas
The economic weapon : the rise of sanctions as a tool of modern war
Murison, Justine S.
Faith in exposure : privacy and secularism in the nineteenth-century United States
Murray, Alexander C.
The Merovingians : kingship, institutions, law, and history
Nabhan, Chadi
Toxic exposure : the true story behind the Monsanto trials and the search for justice
Natapoff, Alexandra
Snitching : criminal informants and the erosion of American justice
Naylor, Lorenda A
Social equity and LGBTQ rights : dismantling discrimination and expanding civil rights
Neller, Jen
Stirring up hatred : myth, identity and order in the regulation of hate speech
Neves, Marcelo
Symbolic constitutionalization
Nieman, Donald G.
Promises to keep : African Americans and the constitutional order, 1776 to the present
Nine, Cara
Sharing territories : overlapping self -determination and resource rights
Ní Ghráinne, Bríd
Internally displaced persons and international refugee law
Obama, Michelle
The light we carry : overcoming in uncertain times
Odermatt, Jed
International law and the European Union
Offit, Anna
The imagined juror : how hypothetical juries influence federal prosecutors
Orford, Anne
International law and the politics of history
Ottonelli, Valeria
The right not to stay : justice in migration, the liberal democratic state, and the case of temporary migration projects
Park, Susan
The good hegemon : US power, accountability as justice, and the multilateral development banks
Parziale, Andrea
The law of off-label uses of medicines : regulation and litigation in the EU, UK, and USA
Pascoe, Jordan
Kant's theory of labour
Pearson, Chad
Capital's terrorists : Klansmen, lawmen, and employers in the long nineteenth century
Pearson, Susan J.
The birth certificate : an American history
Pence, Mike
So help me God
Peschard, Karine E.
Seed activism : patent politics and litigation in the global south
Phelps, Wesley G.
Before Lawrence v. Texas : the making of a queer social movement
Phillips, Jacob
Obedience is freedom
Pinsky, Mark I.
Met her on the mountain : the murder of Nancy Morgan
Podvia, Mark
The strange case of Dr. Paul Schoeppe
Polden, Donald J.
Leading in law : leadership development for law students
Poos, Lawrence R. (Lawrence Raymond)
Love, hate and the law in Tudor England : the three wives of Ralph Rishton
Pope-Ruark, Rebecca
Unraveling faculty burnout : pathways to reckoning and renewal
Porsdam, Helle
Science as a cultural human right
Porter, Theodore M.
Genetics in the madhouse : the unknown history of human heredity
Powell, Jefferson
The practice of American constitutional law
Powers, William
Sharpening the legal mind : how to think like a lawyer
Ramseyer, J. Mark
Business organizations
Ranney, Joseph A.
Bridging revolutions : the lives of Chief Justices Richmond Pearson and John Belton O'Neall
Rasmussen, Dennis C. (Dennis Carl)
Fears of a setting sun : the disillusionment of America's Founders
Reed, Christopher S.
Digital media law : a practical guide for the media and entertainment industries
Reich, Barbara A.
Intimations of mortality : medical decision-making at the end of life
Reiertsen, Michael
Effective domestic remedies and the European Court of Human Rights : applications of the European Convention on Human Rights Article 13
Riccucci, Norma
Critical race theory : exploring its application to public administration
Rigoni, Clara
Honour-based violence and forced marriages : community and restorative practices in Europe
Roach, Stephen S. (Stephen Samuel)
Accidental conflict : America, China, and the clash of false narratives
Robinson, Paul H.
American criminal law : its people, principles, and evolution
Rogers, Steven
A letter to my white friends and colleagues : what you can do right now to help the Black community
Rollins, Oliver
Conviction : the making and unmaking of the violent brain
Rosenberg, Andrew S.
Undesirable immigrants : why racism persists in international migration
Rowell, Arden
A guide to U.S. environmental law
Rubio-Marín, Ruth
Global gender constitutionalism and women's citizenship : a struggle for transformative inclusion
Rupniewski, Michał
Human dignity and the law : a personalist theory
Ryan, Hugh
The Women's House of Detention : a queer history of a forgotten prison
Salesses, Matthew
The sense of wonder : a novel
Sapienza, Salvatore
Big data, algorithms and food safety : a legal and ethical approach to data ownership and data governance
Savoy, Bénédicte
Africa's struggle for its art : history of a postcolonial defeat
Scales, Pat R.
Books under fire : a hit list of banned and challenged children's books
Scalia, Antonin
On faith : lessons from an American believer
Schaub, Diana J.
His greatest speeches : how Lincoln moved the nation
Schauer, Frederick F.
The proof : uses of evidence in law, politics, and everything else
Schmuhl, Robert P.
The glory and the burden : the American presidency from the new deal to the present
Schwarz, Katarina
Reparations for slavery in international law : transatlantic enslavement, the maangamizi, and the making of international law
Scull, Andrew
Desperate remedies : psychiatry's turbulent quest to cure mental illness
Shapiro, Martin F. (Martin Frederick)
The present illness : American health care and its afflictions
Shen-Bayh, Fiona Feiang
Undue process : persecution and punishment in autocratic courts
Shermer, Michael
Conspiracy : why the rational believe the irrational
Siatitsa, Ilia
Serious violations of human rights : on the emergence of a new special regime
Simon, Diana J.
The (not too serious) grammar, punctuation, and style guide to legal writing
Skinner-Thompson, Scott
Privacy at the margins
Slobogin, Christopher
Virtual searches : regulating the covert world of technological policing
Smith, W. Stanford (Corporate lawyer)
Guide to privacy
Solomos, John
Race, ethnicity and social theory
Sourdin, Tania
Judges, technology and artificial intelligence : the artificial judge
Staton, Jeffrey K.
Can courts be bulwarks of democracy? : judges and the politics of prudence
Stewart, Miranda
Tax and government in the twenty-first century
Stiglitz, Edward H.
The reasoning state
Stucki, Saskia
One rights : human and animal rights in the anthropocene
Sundaram, Jae
WTO law and policy : a political economy approach
Thomas, Samuel E.
Cost-effective child custody litigation
Thunberg, Greta
The climate book
Turanovic, Jillian J.
Confronting school violence : a synthesis of six decades of research
Vergerio, Claire
War, states, and international order : Alberico Gentili and the foundational myth of the laws of war
Viñuales, Jorge E.
The international law of energy
Wardhaugh, Bruce
Competition law in crisis : the antitrust response to economic shocks
Watson, Katie
Scarlet A : the ethics, law, and politics of ordinary abortion
Weeks, Ana Catalano
Making gender salient : from gender quota laws to policy
Wegman, Jesse
Let the people pick the president : the case for abolishing the Electoral College
Weinrib, Ernest J.
Reciprocal freedom : private law and public right
White, Ahmed
Under the iron heel : the Wobblies and the capitalist war on radical workers
White, James Boyd
Let in the light : learning to read St. Augustine's Confessions, with attention to the Latin text
Williams, Christopher
The impact of plain language on legal English in the United Kingdom
Willinsky, John
Copyright's broken promise : how to restore the law's ability to promote the progress of science
Willoughby, Christopher D. E.
Masters of health : racial science and slavery in U.S. medical schools
Winant, Gabriel
The next shift : the fall of industry and the rise of health care in rust belt America
Woolaston, Katie
Ecological vulnerability : the law and governance of human-wildlife relationships
Zeben, Josephine A. W. van
A guide to EU environmental law
Zegart, Amy B.
Spies, lies, and algorithms : the history and future of American intelligence
Zellentin, Holger M.
Law beyond Israel : from the Bible to the Qur'an
Zhu, Jie
Study on the issue of Taiwan's participation in the international space
Ziegler, Mary
Dollars for life : the anti-abortion movement and the fall of the Republican establishment
Zubok, V. M. (Vladislav Martinovich)
Collapse : the fall of the Soviet Union
Zuckert, Michael P.
A nation so conceived : Abraham Lincoln and the paradox of democratic sovereignty