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Jus cogens
International legal English : a practical introduction for students and professionals
Privacy at the margins
The rule of laws : a 4,000-year quest to order the world
The misery of international law : confrontations with injustice in the global economy
Threat of dissent : a history of ideological exclusion and deportation in the United States
A brief history of equality
Ethically challenged : private equity storms US health care
Climate change and maritime boundaries : legal consequences of sea level rise
Negotiating copyright in the American theatre : 1856-1951
"No equal justice" : the legacy of Civil Rights icon George W. Crockett Jr.
The essential Scalia : on the Constitution, the courts, and the rule of law
King Leopold's ghostwriter : the creation of persons and states in the nineteenth century
The United Kingdom constitution : an introduction
Incognegro : a graphic mystery
Reconsidering reparations
Forms of pluralism and democratic constitutionalism
Liberalizing contracts : nineteenth century promises through literature, law and history
Patchwork freedoms : law, slavery, and race beyond Cuba's plantations
Professions and politics in crisis
The South's forgotten fire-eater : David Hubbard and North Alabama's long road to disunion
This earthly frame : the making of American secularism
Advocates of humanity : human rights NGOs in international criminal justice
Debating climate law
Dispute settlement in the World Trade Organization : practice and procedure
Freedom of expression : the revolutionary roots of American and French legal thought
The right to protection from incitement to hatred : an unsettled right
The trial of Julian Assange : a story of persecution
Women and the criminal justice system : gender, race, and class
Toxic debt : an environmental justice history of Detroit
Walk with me : a biography of Fannie Lou Hamer
The right to bear arms : a constitutional right of the people or a privilege of the ruling class?
Legal reasoning across commercial disputes : comparing judicial and arbitral analyses
Battle for the marble palace : Abe Fortas, Earl Warren, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, and the forging of the modern Supreme Court
Consent, stealthing and desire-based contracting in the criminal law
The evolution of ethics in America : standards born of crisis
Hacking diversity : the politics of inclusion in open technology cultures
Nuclear weapons : law, policy, and practice
Natural law and Thomistic juridical realism : prospects for a dialogue with contemporary legal theory
The criminalization of mental illness : crisis and opportunity for the justice system
Legal fictions in private law
Money and the rule of law : generality and predictability in monetary institutions
Pursuing citizenship in the enforcement era
Sentencing and artificial intelligence
The streets belong to us : sex, race, and police power from segregation to gentrification
Surviving climate chaos : by strengthening communities and ecosystems
The United States of anonymous : how the First Amendment shaped online speech
Property insurance litigator's handbook
The Noerr-Pennington doctrine
Litigating fiduciary duty claims
The sentimental life of international law : literature, language, and longing in world politics
Colored travelers : mobility and the fight for citizenship before the Civil War
Mosaic : who paid for the bullet?
Unraveling abolition : legal culture and slave emancipation in Colombia
Declaring a public health emergency of international concern : between international law and politics
Juvenile risk and needs assessment : theory, research, policy, and practice
Africa and the backlash against international courts
American roulette : the social logic of death penalty sentencing trials
Critical legal studies and the campaign for American law schools : a revolution to break the liberal consensus
Disability, health, law, and bioethics
Empirical legal research : a primer
Hard-nosed advice from a cranky law professor : how to succeed in law school
Queering law and order : LGBTQ communities and the criminal justice system
Roma rights and civil rights : a transatlantic comparison
The Supreme Court's role in mass incarceration
Why noncompliance : the politics of law in the European Union
Female genius : Eliza Harriot and George Washington at the dawn of the Constitution
Finding Judge Crater : a life and phenomenal disappearance in jazz age New York
Fixer-upper : how to repair America's broken housing systems
Fugitive movements : commemorating the Denmark Vesey affair and Black radical antislavery in the Atlantic world
Gangs on trial : challenging stereotypes and demonization in the courts
Intellectual property and immorality : against protecting harmful creations of the mind
A knock at midnight : a story of hope, justice, and freedom
Native removal writing : narratives of peoplehood, politics, and law,
Outsmarting the next pandemic : what COVID-19 can teach us
Peace on our terms : the global battle for women's rights after the First World War
The Poseidon project : the struggle to govern the world's oceans
Post-truth society : a political anthropology of trickster logic
Revolutionary nonviolence : organizing for freedom
Saving the children : humanitarianism, internationalism, and empire
Tort law and the construction of change : studies in the inevitability of history
Alabama justice : the cases and faces that changed a nation
Women, peace and security and international law
The Supreme Court and the American elite, 1789-2020
The drum major instinct : Martin Luther King Jr.'s theory of political service
Internet jurisdiction : law and practice
Law, society & politics : a critical analysis of U.S. Supreme Court power in the political & legal process
Lawyering peace
Morality as legislation : rules and consequences
The best candidate : presidential nomination in polarized times
The color of creatorship : intellectual property, race, and the making of Americans
Contesting carceral logic : towards abolitionist futures
Emerging powers and the world trading system : the past and future of international economic law
Lawfare : waging war through law
On tyranny and the global legal order
Subversive legal history : a manifesto for the future of legal education
Territorial politics and secession : constitutional and international law dimensions
To the uttermost parts of the earth : legal imagination and international power, 1300-1870
The two faces of judicial power : dynamics of judicial-political bargaining
The Västgöta laws
The joy of scholarship : teaching law and writing history
The evolution of EU law
The words that made us : America's constitutional conversation, 1760-1840
Beauty, women's bodies and the law : performances in plastic
Big data and global trade law
The cabinet of imaginary laws
Existing legal limits to Security Council veto power in the face of atrocity crimes
Justice in extreme cases : criminal law theory meets international criminal law
Prophet of discontent : Martin Luther King Jr. and the critique of racial capitalism
Prosecution of the president of the United States : the constitution, executive power, and the rule of law
Shared physical custody : interdisciplinary insights in child custody arrangements
The anti-oligarchy constitution : reconstructing the economic foundations of American democracy
Green criminology and the law
Media law and ethics
The republic of violence : the tormented rise of abolition in Andrew Jackson's America
Christianity and the laws of conscience : an introduction
Commercial speech as free expression : the case for First Amendment protection
The criminalization of black children : race, gender, and delinquency in Chicago's juvenile justice system, 1899-1945
Free speech in the balance
Judicial review of administrative action across the common law world : origins and adaptation
The League of Nations and the protection of the environment
New private law theory : a pluralist approach
An organ of murder : crime, violence, and phrenology in nineteenth-century America
The partisan republic : democracy, exclusion, and the fall of the founders' constitution, 1780s-1830s
Properties of law : modern law and after
Tying the knot : the formation of marriage 1836-2020
The unruly notion of abuse of rights
We, the robots? : regulating artificial intelligence and the limits of the law
Fundamental rights and the legal obligations of business
Legislative deliberative democracy : debating acts restricting freedom of speech during war
New developments in legal reasoning and logic : from ancient law to modern legal systems
Plea bargaining made real
Private prosecution in America : its origins, history, and unconstitutionality in the twenty-first century
Remedies for human rights violations : a two-track approach to supra-national and national law
Science and judicial reasoning : the legitimacy of international environmental adjudication
SCOTUS 2020 : major decisions and developments of the U.S. Supreme Court
Supervision in the legal profession
American by birth : Wong Kim Ark and the battle for citizenship
How to stop school rampage killing : lessons from averted mass shootings and bombings
Much sound and fury, or the new Jim Crow? : the twenty-first century's restrictive new voting laws and their impact
Cases without controversies : uncontested adjudication in Article III courts
Democracy and deliberation : the law and politics of sex offender legislation
Fresh water in international law
CRISPR people : the science and ethics of editing humans
Law and the invisible hand : a theory of Adam Smith's jurisprudence
The myth of judicial independence : criminal justice and the separation of powers
American legal education abroad : critical histories
The civil rights lobby : the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights and the second reconstruction
Constitutionalism and the paradox of principles and rules : between the Hydra and Hercules
The impact of human rights prosecutions : insights from European, Latin American, and African post-conflict societies
Offensive speech, religion, and the limits of the law
A pattern of violence: how the law classifies crimes and what it means for justice
Ruling the savage periphery : frontier governance and the making of the modern state
What it means to be human : the case for the body in public bioethics
Wrongful conviction in sexual assault : stranger rape, acquaintance rape, and intra-familial child sexual assaults
The burdens of all : a social history of American tort law
American constitutionalism
Incorporating rights : strategies to advance corporate accountability
Nationals abroad : globalization, individual rights, and the making of modern international law
Vanguard : how Black women broke barriers, won the vote, and insisted on equality for all
The original meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment : its letter and spirit
Absentees : on variously missing persons
Crossing : how we label and react to people on the move
Justice before the law
Rethinking securities law
The strategic analysis of judicial behavior : a comparative perspective
Why argument matters
Civil rights queen : Constance Baker Motley and the struggle for equality
Desert rose : the life and legacy of Coretta Scott King
Law in American meetinghouses : church discipline and civil authority in Kentucky, 1780-1845
Unbound : my story of liberation and the birth of the Me Too movement
Alternative dispute resolution in the regulatory process
Cloud computing law
Constitution-making under UN auspices : fostering dependency in sovereign lands
Debt and federalism : landmark cases in Canadian bankruptcy and insolvency law, 1894-1937
Disability rights and religious liberty in education : the story behind Zobrest v. Catalina Foothills School District
The Eichmann trial reconsidered
Evidence and procedures for boundary location
The function of equity in international law
Judging inequality : state supreme courts and the inequality crisis
Justice on the brink : the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the rise of Amy Coney Barrett, and twelve months that transformed the Supreme Court
Law and neurodiversity : youth with Autism and the juvenile justice systems in Canada and the United States
Leveraging an empire : settler colonialism and the legalities of citizenship in the Pacific Northwest
The president who would not be king : executive power under the Constitution
Reign of terror : how the 9/11 era destabilized America and produced Trump
Rethinking market regulation : helping labor by overcoming economic myths
The work of rape
Amy Coney Barrett : reshaping the Supreme Court
Amy Coney Barrett : a justice and a mother
Lyrics in the law : music's influence on America's courts
Algo bots and the law : technology, automation, and the regulation of futures and other derivatives
The child before the court : judgment, citizenship, and the constitution
The hidden history of the Supreme Court and the betrayal of America
Professionalism and values in law practice
Reparation for victims of armed conflict
Saving the international justice regime : beyond backlash against international courts
American citizenship and constitutionalism in principle and practice
The broken constitution : Lincoln, slavery, and the refounding of America
Birth rights and wrongs : how medicine and technology are remaking reproduction and the law
Civil wrongs and justice in private law
Constitutional democracy in crisis?
Covered with night : a story of murder and indigenous justice in early America
Doing justice, preventing crime
Evaluations for sentencing of juveniles in criminal court
Faces of inequality : a theory of wrongful discrimination
How constitutional rights matter
Last chance for justice : how relentless investigators uncovered new evidence convicting the Birmingham church bombers
Law and mind : a survey of law and the cognitive sciences
A legal history for Australia
The liberal state and criminal sanction : seeking justice and civility
Moving violations : automobiles, experts, and regulations in the United States
The neoliberal republic : corporate lawyers, statecraft, and the making of public-private France
Partisan supremacy : how the GOP enlisted courts to rig America's election rules
Police matters : the everyday state and caste politics in south India, 1900-1975
Property rights : a re-examination
Regardless of frontiers : global freedom of expression in a troubled world
The rise of law and economics : an intellectual history
Same-sex parenting and the best interests principle
Saving justice : truth, transparency, and trust
Special education and the law : a guide for practitioners
Taming the corporation : how to regulate for success
Tax and culture : convergence, divergence, and the future of tax law
Transboundary freshwater ecosystems in international law : the role and impact of the UNECE environmental regime
Wealth after work : innovative reforms to expand retirement security
Bankruptcy's universal pragmatist : Festschrift in honor of Professor Jay Lawrence Westbrook
The dead are arising : the life of Malcolm X
Disorder : a history of reform, reaction, and money in American medicine
Wilmington's lie : the murderous coup of 1898 and the rise of white supremacy
Epidemic : Ebola and the global race to prevent the next killer outbreak
I swear : the meaning of an oath
Penal theories and institutions : lectures at the Collège de France, 1971-1972
A practical approach to criminal procedure
Risk & rigor : a lawyer's guide to decision trees for assessing cases and advising clients
The house on Mango Street
Supreme ambition : Brett Kavanaugh and the conservative takeover
Clamouring for legal protection : what the great books teach us about people fleeing from persecution
The Confederate jurist : the legal life of Judah P. Benjamin
Empires of vice : the rise of opium prohibition across Southeast Asia
Ashes under water : the SS Eastland and the shipwreck that shook America
Managing risk in high-stakes faculty employment decisions
Across oceans of law : the Komagata Maru and jurisdiction in the time of empire
Atlas of AI : power, politics, and the planetary costs of artificial intelligence
Breaking the pendulum : the long struggle over criminal justice
A companion to the United States Constitution and its amendments
Criminology explains school bullying
Dark persuasion : a history of brainwashing from Pavlov to social media
Jamaica ladies : female slaveholders and the creation of Britain's Atlantic empire
Lawyers beyond borders : advancing international human rights through local laws and courts
The male chauvinist pig : a history
Moving toward integration : the past and future of fair housing
The rights of women : reclaiming a lost vision
The holdout : a novel
Ethical practice in forensic psychology : a guide for mental health professionals
On the make : clerks and the quest for capital in nineteenth-century America
Citizen : an American lyric
Reparations now! : poems
The rage of innocence : how America criminalizes Black youth
The 1619 Project : a new origin story
How we can win : race, history and changing the money game that's rigged
Unwarranted : policing without permission
America's voucher politics : how elites learned to hide the state
Code of silence : sexual misconduct by federal judges, the secret system that protects them, and the women who blew the whistle
The collapse of constitutional remedies
Contract law and social morality
Criminalizing sex : a unified liberal theory
Disability visibility : first-person stories from the Twenty-first century
Ethics : new trajectories in law
Fighting machines : autonomous weapons and human dignity
Life after privacy : reclaiming democracy in a surveillance society
The Oxford handbook of children's rights law
Reflections on the making of the modern law of the sea
Refugee law after 9/11 : sanctuary and security in Canada and the US
Terror to the wicked : America's first trial by jury that ended a war and helped to form a nation
Transnational corporations and human rights : overcoming barriers to judicial remedy
The U.S. Supreme Court's democratic spaces
Workers against the city : the fight for free speech in Hague v. CIO
"To save the people from themselves" : the emergence of American judicial review and the transformation of constitutions
Along came Google : a history of library digitization
Privacy in the age of neuroscience : reimagining law, state and market
Environmental law across cultures : comparisons for legal practice
Is CITES protecting wildlife? : assessing implementation and compliance
The privacy fix : how to preserve privacy in the onslaught of surveillance
Saving the Freedom of Information Act
Stringfellow acid pits : the toxic and legal legacy
Contemporary international law of civilized peoples : general part
Google rules : the history and future of copyright under the influence of Google
The legal system of France
Del giurista interprete : linguaggio, tecniche e dottrine
The centaur's dilemma : national security law for the coming AI revolution
The indigenous paradox : rights, sovereignty, and culture in the Americas
Law for computer scientists and other folk
Pioneers of environmental law
Studies in global animal law
The legacy of racism for children : psychology, law, and public policy
Monumental harm : reckoning with Jim Crow Era Confederate monuments
Natural law ethics in theory & practice : a Joseph Boyle reader
The perilous public square : structural threats to free expression today
Fandom and the law : fan fiction, art, film & cosplay
A guide to EU environmental law
Manufactured uncertainty : implications for climate change skepticism
The decline of natural law : how American lawyers once used natural law and why they stopped
Municipal Magdeburg law (Ius municipale Magdeburgense) in late Medieval Poland : a study on the evolution and adaptation of law
The education of John Adams
The room where it happened : a White House memoir
A guide to U.S. environmental law
English law under two Elizabeths : the late Tudor legal world and the present
The Fourth Amendment in an age of surveillance
The doctor who fooled the world : science, deception, and the war on vaccines
Making a new American Constitution
Research in law and economics