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January 2018

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A free man of color and his hotel : race, Reconstruction, and the role of the federal government

A mind to stay : White plantation, Black homeland

A question of balance : a study of legal equality and state neutrality in the United States, France, and the Netherlands

A season of youth : the American Revolution and the historical imagination

A servant of the crown in England and in North America, 1756-1761, based upon the papers of John Appy, secretary and judge advocate of His Majesty's forces,

ABA sales & use tax deskbook

Abraham Lincoln and the Union

Adult guardianships & conservatorships /

After Aquarius dawned : how the revolutions of the sixties became the popular culture of the seventies

Alabama pattern jury instructions, civil

Architects of fear : conspiracy theories and paranoia in American politics

Bad moon rising : how the weather underground beat the FBI and lost the revolution

Bankruptcy code : text and legislative history of the Bankruptcy Code, text and legislative history of selected provisions of the Judicial Code, text of related statutes

Bankruptcy rules : federal rules of bankruptcy procedure, as amended effective December 1, 2017; federal rules of evidence current as of December 1, 2017 ; official forms current as of December 1, 2017 ; director's procedural forms current as of December 1, 2017 with explanatory comments

Boethius's Consolation of philosophy

Bound in wedlock : slave and free Black marriage in the nineteenth century

Building an American empire : the era of territorial and political expansion

Building codes illustrated : a guide to understanding the 2015 international building code®

Business statistics of the United States : patterns of economic change

City of inmates : conquest, rebellion, and the rise of human caging in Los Angeles, 1771-1965

Civil justice reconsidered : toward a less costly, more accessible litigation system

Classical Greek oligarchy : a political history

Clinical legal education in Asia : accessing justice for the underprivileged

Complete life of William McKinley and story of his assassination. An authentic and official memorial edition, containing every incident in the career of the immortal statesman, soldier, orator and patriot

Conscientious objection and human rights : a systematic analysis

Constitutional dialogue in common law Asia

Cool cities : urban sovereignty and the fix for global warming

Corporations and American democracy

Courting death : the Supreme Court and capital punishment

Crime and everyday life

Crusader for justice : federal judge Damon J. Keith

Cultura Constitucional

César A. Quintero Correa (1916-2003) : libro homenaje

Dangerous grounds : antiwar coffeehouses and military dissent in the Vietnam era

Death and Western thought

Diplomatic interference and the law

Discovering the South : one man's travels through a changing America in the 1930s

Disrobed : an inside look at the life and work of a federal trial judge

Double standard : social policy in Europe and the United States

Drawdown : the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming

Drowning in oil : BP and the reckless pursuit of profit

ERISA litigation

Earline's Pink Party : The Social Rituals and Domestic Relics of a Southern Woman

Employee benefits law

Exemptions : necessary, justified, or misguided?

Exploring wild Alabama : a guide to the state's publicly accessible natural areas

Faces of moderation : the art of balance in an age of extremes

Family fortunes : men and women of the English middle class, 1780-1850

Feminism on trial : the Ginny Foat case and the future of the women's movement

Fight for freedom : the story of the NAACP

Fire in paradise : the Yellowstone fires and the politics of environmentalism

Food movements unite! : strategies to transform our food systems

From centennial to world war : American society, 1876-1917

General education in a free society : report of the Harvard committee

Gertrude Weil : Jewish progressive in the New South

Getting out of the mud : the Alabama good roads movement and highway administration, 1898-1928

Getting tough : welfare and imprisonment in 1970s America

Global indios : the indigenous struggle for justice in sixteenth-century Spain

God without being : hors-texte

Government and community, England, 1450-1509

Habermas and law

Halfway to anywhere : achieving America's destiny in space

Hell No : the forgotten power of the Vietnam peace movement

History of agriculture in the southern United States to 1860

History of public works in the United States, 1776-1976

Human rights in the shadow of colonial violence : the wars of independence in Kenya and Algeria

Human trafficking : contexts and connections to conventional crime

Imperial constitutional documents, 1765-1965: a supplement

In the shadow of Dred Scott : St. Louis freedom suits and the legal culture of slavery in Antebellum America

Intimations of modernity : civil culture in nineteenth-century Cuba

Into the dark : Hannah Arendt and totalitarianism

Jacksonian democracy and the working class, a study of the New York Workingmen's movement, 1829-1837

Jane Crow : the life of Pauli Murray

Jefferson's political philosophy and the metaphysics of Utopia

King Alfred's book of laws : a study of the Domboc and its influence on English identity, with a complete translation

Land and family : trends and local variations in the peasant land market on the Winchester bishopric estates, 1263-1415

Law & equity : approaches in Roman law and Common law

Law, debt, and merchant power : the civil courts of eighteenth-century Halifax

Lawfare : law as a weapon of war

Le premier volume del promptuarie, ou repertory generall de les annales, et plusors auters, livres del common ley dengleterre

Making a living in the middle ages : the people of Britain 850-1520

Making the unequal metropolis : school desegregation and its limits

Man versus society in eighteenth-century Britain: six points of view,

Marshall, the courthouse mouse : a tail of the U.S. Supreme Court

Maximinus Thrax : from common soldier to emperor of Rome

Media nation : the political history of news in modern America

Members only : secret societies, sects, and cults-- exposed!

Mercies in disguise : a story of hope, a family's genetic destiny, and the science that rescued them

Military Ethics and Leadership

Mockingbird songs : my friendship with Harper Lee

Money in the western legal tradition : Middle Ages to Bretton Woods

Montana Code Annotated: statute text 2017

My brother, Theodore Roosevelt

Necropolitics : mass graves and exhumations in the age of human rights

New woman, new earth : sexist ideologies and human liberation

No right to be idle : the invention of disability, 1840s-1930s

Obama : the call of history

Obfuscation : a user's guide for privacy and protest

Obligations in Roman law : past, present, and future

On Stalin's team : the years of living dangerously in Soviet politics

Only in Australia : the history, politics and economics of Australian exceptionalism

Opponents of war, 1917-1918

Our republican Constitution : securing the liberty and sovereignty of We the people

Parallel trade in Europe : intellectual property, competition and regulatory law

Phenomena : The Secret History of the U.S. Government's Investigations into Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis

Piety and politics : evangelicals and fundamentalists confront the world

Pivotal Tuesdays : four elections that shaped the twentieth century

Plugged in : how media attract and affect youth

Politics and ideology in England, 1603-1640

Politics, justice and war : Christian governance and the ethics of warfare

Raven Rock : the story of the U.S. government's secret plan to save itself -- while the rest of us die

Real estate transactions : tax planning and consequences

Reason and restitution : a theory of unjust enrichment

Reconstruction in Alabama : from Civil War to redemption in the cotton South

Reflections on global law

Reform : a memoir

Religion and the American constitutional experiment

Rendition to torture

Rights of prisoners

Scientists confront intelligent design and creationism

See it/shoot it : the secret history of the CIA's lethal drone program

Segregation : a challenge to democracy

Selma's Bloody Sunday : protest, voting rights, and the struggle for racial equality

Sexual borderlands : constructing an American sexual past

Sexual forensics in Victorian and Edwardian England : age, crime and consent in the courts

Sexual violence during war and peace : gender, power, and post-conflict justice in Peru

Shrinking violets : the secret life of shyness

Silk stockings and socialism : Philadelphia's radical hosiery workers from the Jazz Age to the New Deal

Slavery, freedom, and the law in the Atlantic world : a brief history with documents

Slouching towards Bethlehem

So high a blood : the story of Margaret Douglas, the Tudor that time forgot

Social security disability law

Sovereignty, international law, and the French Revolution

Speaking truths to power : policy ethnography and police reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Stolen sovereignty : how to stop unelected judges from transforming America

Storming Zion : government raids on religious communities

Surge of piety : Norman Vincent Peale and the remaking of American religious life

Survey of state class action law, 2017-18 : a report of the State Laws Subcommittee of the Class Actions and Derivative Suits Committee, American Bar Association, Section of Litigation

Tears we cannot stop : a sermon to white America

The American citizen

The Elizabethan woman

The Evangelicals : the struggle to shape America

The First Amendment and LGBT equality : a contentious history

The Haitian Revolution and the early United States : histories, textualities, geographies

The Nation transformed; the creation of an industrial society.

The Oxford handbook of witchcraft in early modern Europe and colonial America

The Rooster Bar

The Santillana Codes the civil codes of Tunisia, Morocco, and Mauritania

The United Nations in the 21st century

The art of strategy : a game theorist's guide to success in business & life

The common lawyer

The concept of the employer

The craftsman

The crisis of the middle class constitution : why economic inequality threatens our Republic

The divide : American injustice in the age of the wealth gap

The enlightenment on trial : ordinary litigants and colonialism in the Spanish Empire

The exile : the stunning inside story of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda in flight

The future of violence : robots and germs, hackers and drones : confronting a new age of threat

The gatekeepers : how the White House Chiefs of Staff define every presidency

The golden passport : Harvard Business School, the limits of capitalism, and the moral failure of the MBA elite

The help

The history of death

The history of law in Europe : an introduction

The industrial evolution of the United States

The legal research survival manual : with video modules

The life and times of General Andrew Pickens : Revolutionary War hero, American founder

The lynching : the epic courtroom battle that brought down the Klan

The paradox of vulnerability : states, nationalism, and the financial crisis

The poverty law canon : exploring the major cases

The price for their pound of flesh : the value of the enslaved from womb to grave in the building of a nation

The pursuit of happiness

The riddle of Hume's Treatise : skepticism, naturalism, and irreligion

The right to strike : a comparative view

The rule of law : history, theory and criticism

The seductions of quantification : measuring human rights, gender violence, and sex trafficking

The songs of trees : stories from nature's great connectors

The trial of Adolf Hitler : the Beer Hall Putsch and the rise of Nazi Germany

The uncompleted past

Tort law in the European Union

Travels between the Hudson & the Mississippi, 1851-1852

United States law and policy on transitional justice : principles, politics, and pragmatics

What the rest think of the West : since 600 AD

Where the water goes : life and death along the Colorado River

Who rules Japan? : popular participation in the Japanese legal process

Winter soldiers : an oral history of Vietnam Veterans Against the War

Wiser : getting beyond groupthink to make groups smarter

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