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January 2020

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A compendium of collective nouns : from an armory of aardvarks to a zeal of zebras
A litigator's guide to convincing the judge
A vanished society; essays in American history
A year of loss : reexamining civil liberties since September 11
Advancing the right to health care in China : towards accountability
African Americans and the First Amendment : the case for liberty and equality
Agency, partnership, and the LLC in a nutshell
America votes! : challenges to modern election law and voting rights
American Indian law in a nutshell
Aristocrats : power, grace, and decadence : Britain's great ruling classes from 1066 to the present
Asymmetric autonomy and the settlement of ethnic conflicts
BP blowout : inside the Gulf oil disaster
Bankruptcy code : text and legislative history of the Bankruptcy Code, text and legislative history of selected provisions of the Judicial Code, text of related statutes
Bankruptcy rules : federal rules of bankruptcy procedure, as amended effective December 1, 2019; federal rules of evidence current as of December 1, 2019 ; official forms as amended December 1, 2019 ; director's procedural forms as amended December 1, 2019 with explanatory comments
Bar exam success : a comprehensive guide
Being Brown : Sonia Sotomayor and the Latino question
Between truth and power : the legal constructions of informational capitalism
Beyond autonomy : limits and alternatives to informed consent in research ethics and law
Bingo capitalism : the law and political economy of everyday gambling
Catch and kill : lies, spies, and a conspiracy to protect predators
Child perpetrators on trial : insights from post-genocide Rwanda
Child soldiers and the defence of duress under international criminal law
China's foreign policy making : societal force and Chinese American policy
Chinese internet law
Civilizing torture : an American tradition
Collective reparations : tensions and dilemmas between collective reparations and the individual right to receive reparations
Comprehensive legal and judicial development : toward an agenda for a just and equitable society in the 21st century
Constitutional coup : privatization's threat to the American republic
Constitutionalism justified : Rainer Forst in discourse
Contemporary family law
Corporate criminal liability : a treatise on the criminal liability of corporations, their officers, and agents
Corporate finance and the securities laws
Corporations and other business associations : cases and materials
Crime in progress : inside the Steele dossier and the Fusion GPS investigation of Donald Trump
Criminal procedure : investigation and right to counsel
Criminalizing dissent : the liberal state and the problem of legitimacy
Cryptoassets : legal, regulatory, and monetary perspectives
Decriminalizing domestic violence : a balanced policy approach to intimate partner violence
Democracy and equality : the enduring constitutional vision of the Warren court
Destined for war : can America and China escape Thucydides's trap?
Disestablishment and religious dissent : church-state relations in the new American states, 1776-1833
Dreamers : an immigrant generation's fight for their American dream
Drones : a legal research guide
ERISA : a comprehensive guide
Educating citizens : international perspectives on civic values and school choice
Embattled freedom : journeys through the Civil War's slave refugee camps
Employment law
Evidence under the rules : text, cases, and problems
Family law attorneys and parenting evaluators : improving professional collaboration
Federal criminal trials
Federal estate and gift taxation in a nutshell
Federal local court forms
Fight of the century : writers reflect on 100 years of landmark ACLU cases
Forced labor in Austria 1938-1945 : late recognition, history, tragic fates
Free will, responsibility, and crime : an introduction
Fundamentals of municipal finance
Getting by : economic rights and legal protections for people with low income
HIV law, ethics and human rights : text and materials
Handling fidelity bond claims
History and international law : an intertwined relationship
How many is too many? : the progressive argument for reducing immigration into the United States
How to be an antiracist
How to examine mental health experts : a family lawyer's handbook of issues and strategies
Human rights, ownership, and the individual
Immigration reconsidered : history, sociology, and politics
Impeach : the case against Donald Trump
Impeachment : an American history
In the national interest 2001 : human rights policies for the Bush administration
Indigenous water rights in law and regulation : lessons from comparative experience
Indispensable remedy : the broad scope of the Constitution's impeachment power
Ingenious : the unintended consequences of human innovation
International investment arbitration in a nutshell
Just mercy : a story of justice and redemption
Justice and the meritocratic state
Justice versus judiciary : justice enthroned or entangled in India?
Keeping down the black vote : race and the demobilization of American voters
Law and miscellaneous works: the lives and careers of Joel White and Amand Pfister, booksellers and publishers
Learning from the Germans : race and the memory of evil
Legal malpractice
Lifestyle analysis in divorce cases : investigating spending and finding hidden income and assets
Lockout : why America keeps getting immigration wrong when our prosperity depends on getting it right
Long-term forensic psychiatric care : clinical, ethical and legal challenges
Loving : interracial intimacy in America and the threat to white supremacy
Loving justice : legal emotions in William Blackstone's England
Lubaroff & Altman on Delaware limited partnerships
Making an impact on school bullying : interventions and recommendations
Manual of model civil jury instructions for the district courts of the Eighth Circuit
Married women in legal practice : agency and norms in the Swedish realm, 1350-1450
McCormick on evidence
Model tender offer agreement
Monitoring laws : profiling and identity in the world state
Moral theory and capital punishment
My time among the whites : notes from an unfinished education
Natural law today : the present state of the perennial philosophy
No one is too small to make a difference
Of one-eyed and toothless miscreants : making the punishment fit the crime?
On goodness
Open season : legalized genocide of colored people
Pirates and publishers : a social history of copyright in modern China
Pretrial litigation in a nutshell / R. Lawrence Dessem (Dean Emeritus and Timothy J. Heinsz Professor Emeritus of Law, The University of Missouri)
Principles of federal jurisdiction
Real enemies : conspiracy theories and American democracy, World War I to 9/11
Real estate transactions : tax planning and consequences
Reclaiming Indigenous governance : reflections and insights from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States
Refugees and the promise of asylum in postwar France, 1945-1995
Researching Texas law
Rules and rituals in medieval power games : a German perspective
Sanctions : the federal law of litigation abuse
Second acts for solo and small firm lawyers
Sex, law, and sovereignty in French Algeria, 1830-1930
Smarter pricing, smarter profit : a guide for the law firm of the future
Sovereignty in China : a genealogy of a concept since 1840
Sowald & Morganstern domestic relations law
Speak freely : why universities must defend free speech
Stalin's genocides
State & local taxation
Student clashes on campus : a leadership guide to free speech
Sweet taste of liberty : a true story of slavery and restitution in America
Tax credits for the working poor : a call for reform
Ten more things you need to know as in-house counsel : practical advice and successful strategies, volume 2
The Anglo-American conception of the rule of law
The Cambridge companion to comparative constitutional law
The First Amendment in the Trump era
The antitrust compliance handbook : a practitioner's guide
The bench and bar : great legal caricatures from Vanity Fair
The broken road : George Wallace and a daughter's journey to reconciliation
The business courts benchbook : procedures and best practices in business and commercial cases
The conflict of laws
The crimes of wildlife trafficking : issues of justice, legality and morality
The criminalization of abortion in the West : its origins in medieval law
The essentials of contract negotiation
The executive's guide to navigating the information universe
The guarded gate : bigotry, eugenics, and the law that kept two generations of Jews, Italians, and other European immigrants out of America
The guardians
The injustices of rape : how activists responded to sexual violence, 1950-1980
The international law of belligerent occupation
The irrevocable life insurance trust : forms with drafting notes
The law of international human rights protection
The law of regulated gambling : a practical guide for business lawyers
The military divorce handbook : a practical guide to representing military personnel and their families
The modern rules of order
The modern rules of style : write like a professional
The political life of Abraham Lincoln
The political philosophy of refuge
The politics of borders : sovereignty, security, and the citizen after 9/11
The privilege of silence : Fifth Amendment protections against self-incrimination
The procurement fraud guidebook : system, stakeholders, and response strategies
The profits of charity : international perspectives on the law governing the involvement of charities in commerce
The rise and fall of OPEC in the twentieth century
The second American Revolution : the Civil War-era struggle over Cuba and the rebirth of the American republic
The standard code of parliamentary procedure
The transparency fix : secrets, leaks, and uncontrollable government information
Theaters of pardoning
There goes the neighborhood : how communities overcome prejudice and meet the challenge of American immigration
Tort law update
Towards a sustainable human right to water : supporting vulnerable people and protecting water resources
Trans-identidade : a transexualidade e o ordenamento jurídico
United States treaty index : 1776-2000 consolidation: 2019 revision
Valuing bureaucracy : the case for professional government
We return fighting : the civil rights movement in the Jazz Age
Wealth and the wealthy : exploring and tackling inequalities between rich and poor
What are biblical values? : what the Bible says on key ethical issues
What so proudly we hailed : essays on the contemporary meaning of the War of 1812
Who belongs in America? : presidents, rhetoric, and immigration
Why we're polarized