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January 2019

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A critical introduction to law and literature
A people's constitution : the everyday life of law in the Indian republic
A place to stand : the making of a poet
Alabama legislation
Alabama rules of civil procedure, annotated
Allegories of encounter : colonial literacy and Indian captivities
Armageddon insurance : civil defense in the United States and Soviet Union, 1945-1991
Autobiography of John Stuart Mill : published from the original manuscript in the Columbia University Library
Bankruptcy code : text and legislative history of the Bankruptcy Code, text and legislative history of selected provisions of the Judicial Code, text of related statutes
Bankruptcy rules : federal rules of bankruptcy procedure, as amended effective December 1, 2018; federal rules of evidence current as of December 1, 2018 ; official forms as amended December 1, 2018 ; director's procedural forms as amended December 1, 2018 with explanatory comments
Between home and homeland : youth aliyah from Nazi Germany
Black's law dictionary
Boundaries of the international : law and empire
Broker-dealer law and regulation
Business law & litigation update
Business statistics of the United States : patterns of economic change
Class struggles in America
Condamner à mort au Moyen Âge : pratiques de la peine capitale en France, XIIIe-XVe siècle
Countering terrorism
Covenants not to compete : a state-by-state survey
Cultivation and culture : labor and the shaping of slave life in the Americas
Farnsworth on contracts
Federal income taxation of debt instruments
Federal sentencing guidelines manual : effective November 1, 1987 : including November 1, 2018 amendments to guidelines, policy statements, and commentary ...
Frederick Douglass : prophet of freedom
Free speech beyond words : the surprising reach of the First Amendment
Freedom farmers : agricultural resistance and the black freedom movement
Freeing Charles : the struggle to free a slave on the eve of the Civil War
Friends of Charles Gamble: evidence and trial skills
Haymarket scrapbook
Heroes, rascals, and the law : constitutional encounters in Mississippi history
How to regulate : a guide for policymakers
How to write a business plan
Humanizing the laws of war : the Red Cross and the development of international humanitarian law
Hurtin' words : debating family problems in the twentieth-century South
Islam and the rule of justice : image and reality in Muslim law and culture
Joseph Anton : a memoir
Just giving : why philanthropy is failing democracy and how it can do better
Law and the utopian imagination
Legal looseleafs : electronic and print
My own words
Newsgathering and the law
No property in man : slavery and antislavery at the nation's founding
Not here, not now, not that! : protest over art and culture in America
On the future : prospects for humanity
Originalism as faith
Policing sex and marriage in the American military : the court-martial and the construction of gender and sexual deviance, 1950-2000
Presidents of War
Race, nation, and refuge : the rhetoric of race in Asian American citizenship cases
Real estate transactions : tax planning and consequences
Religious liberty
Rightful heritage : Franklin D. Roosevelt and the land of America
Rooted cosmopolitans : Jews and human rights in the twentieth century
Securities regulation
Selma and the Liuzzo murder trials : the first modern civil rights convictions
Shade : a tale of two presidents
Silence : a social history of one of the least understood elements of our lives
Slipping through the cracks : unaccompanied children detained by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service
Smuggling of migrants by sea : EU legal framework and future perspective
Spirit and capital in an age of inequality
The American Indian as slaveholder and secessionist
The Cambridge handbook of the law of the sharing economy
The Constitution demands it : the case for the impeachment of Donald Trump
The faces of poverty in North Carolina : stories from our invisible citizens
The man from the train : discovering America's most elusive serial killer
The misinformation age : how false beliefs spread
The regulation of international trade
The smugglers' world : illicit trade and Atlantic communities in eighteenth-century Venezuela
The spectacle of death : populist literary responses to American capital cases
The uses of the dead : the early modern development of Cy-près doctrine
The winding road to the welfare state : economic insecurity and social welfare policy in Britain
Tort law update
Understanding mass incarceration : a people's guide to the key civil rights struggle of our time
When all else fails : the ethics of resistance to state injustice
Why does inequality matter?
Women, dissent and anti-slavery in Britain and America, 1790-1865
Working for yourself : law & taxes for independent contractors, freelancers & gig workers of all types