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January 2023

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1000 days to the bar, but the practice of law begins now
1897, compiled laws of New Mexico : in accordance with an act of the legislature, approved March 16th, 1897. Including the Constitution of the United States, the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, the Gadsen treaty, the original act organizing the territory, the organic acts as now in force, the original Kearny code, and a list of laws enacted since the compilation of 1884, as well as those in that work ..
A home for all Jews : citizenship, rights, and national identity in the new Israeli state
A practitioner's guide to tax evidence : a primer on the Federal Rules of Evidence as applied by the Tax Court
Abortion in early modern Italy
Accidental conflict : America, China, and the clash of false narratives
Africa's struggle for its art : history of a postcolonial defeat
After Nuremberg : American clemency for Nazi war criminals
American comparative law : a history
American criminal law : its people, principles, and evolution
Animal cruelty investigations : a collaborative approach from victim to verdict
Backfire : how sanctions reshape the world against U.S. interests
Ballad of the bullet : gangs, drill music, and the power of online infamy
Before Lawrence v. Texas : the making of a queer social movement
Being Indigenous in Jim Crow Virginia : Powhatan people and the color line
Bias in the law : a definitive look at racial prejudice in the U.S. criminal justice system
Black dignity : the struggle against domination
Black manhood and community building in North Carolina, 1900-1930
Black power in Dixie : a political history of African Americans in Atlanta
Breaking ranks : how the rankings industry rules higher education and what to do about it
Business organizations
COVID-19 in Asia : law and policy contexts
Can we trust AI?
Child- and youth welfare law in Germany : an overview for educators, psychologists,... paediatricians and politicians
Competition law in crisis : the antitrust response to economic shocks
Conspiracy : why the rational believe the irrational
Conviction : the making and unmaking of the violent brain
Cornerstone at the confluence : navigating the Colorado River Compact's next century
Corporate law and sustainability from the next generation of lawyers
Cost-effective child custody litigation
Courageous discomfort : how to have important, brave, life-changing conversations about race and racism : 20 questions about race and racism answered
Credit repair
Criminal law : case studies & controversies
Cryptocurrency regulation : a reflexive law approach
Dawn's Light Woman & Nicolas Franchomme : marriage and law in the Illinois Country
Departures : an introduction to critical refugee studies
Design in legal education
Domestic abuse, victims and the law
Elucidating law
Empirical and theoretical perspectives on international law : how states use the UN General Assembly to create international obligations
Faith in exposure : privacy and secularism in the nineteenth-century United States
Family law in a changing America
Fears of a setting sun : the disillusionment of America's Founders
Federal anti-Indian law : the legal entrapment of indigenous peoples
Fiduciary obligations in business
Free Joan Little : the politics of race, sexual violence, and imprisonment
Freedom's dominion : a saga of white resistance to federal power
Gender and domestic violence : contemporary legal practice and intervention reforms
General statutes of Minnesota, 1923.
Global warming of 1.5°c : IPCC special report on the impacts of global warming of 1.5°c above pre-industrial levels and related global greenhouse gas emission pathways, in the context of strengthening the global response to the threat of climate change, sustainable development, and efforts to eradicate poverty
God's law and order : the politics of punishment in evangelical America
Governing carbon markets with distributed ledger technology
Guide to privacy
His greatest speeches : how Lincoln moved the nation
Honour-based violence and forced marriages : community and restorative practices in Europe
How legal theory can save the life of healthcare ethics
How the Court became Supreme : the origins of American juristocracy
Howell's annotated statutes of the state of Michigan : including the acts of the second extra session of 1912, with notes and digests of the Supreme Court decisions relating thereto
Human dignity and the law : a personalist theory
Human dignity in Asia : dialogue between law and culture
In defense of juveniles sentenced to life : legal representation and juvenile criminal justice
Indigenous peoples and climate justice : a critical analysis of international human rights law and governance
International law and weapons review : emerging military technology under the law of armed conflict
Investment arbitration and state-driven reform : new treaties, old outcomes
Irregular migrants and the right to health
Jim Crow's counterculture : the blues and Black southerners, 1890-1945
Jim Crow's legacy : the lasting impact of segregation
Jim Crow, American : selected songs and plays
Justice outsourced : the therapeutic jurisprudence implications of judicial decision-making by nonjudicial officers
Kant's theory of labour
Law and literature : the Irish case
Law and the culture of Israel
Law as religion, religion as law
Law dissertations : a step-by-step guide
Law librarianship in the age of AI
Law, life, and the teaching of legal history : essays in honour of G. Blaine Baker
Length of incarceration and recidivism
Let in the light : learning to read St. Augustine's Confessions, with attention to the Latin text
Lincoln's mentors : the education of a leader
Local government law : a practical guidebook for public officials on city councils, community boards, and planning commissions
Lourenço da Silva Mendonça and the Black Atlantic abolitionist movement in the seventeenth century
Lucy and the judge : Wood v. Lucy, Lady Duff-Gordon
Making gender salient : from gender quota laws to policy
Making sense of immigrant work integration : an organizing framework
Malcolm X
Manual of model civil jury instructions for the district courts of the Eighth Circuit
Mason's Minnesota statutes, 1927
Medieval canon Law
Minnesota statutes, 1949. Printed by the Commissioner of Administration pursuant to the provisions of chapter 648 of these statutes, and embracing all general statutes in force at the close of the legislative session of 1949.
Modern constitutionalism: origin and manifestations : England - North America - France - Germany - Europe/European Union - Latin America
Myths of modernity : peonage and patriarchy in Nicaragua
Neo-Thomism in action : law and society reshaped by neo-scholastic philosophy, 1880-1960
New Mexico statutes, 1941, containing the general laws of New Mexico, annotated.
New Mexico statutes, annotated, containing the codification passed at the second session of the Legislature of the state of New Mexico, in effect June 11, 1915, with the 1915 session laws as an appendix;
New Mexico statutes, annotated. 1929 compilation, containing all laws of a general nature, including those passed at the special session of 1929.
New people : miscegenation and mulattoes in the United States
Nine days : the race to save Martin Luther King Jr.'s life and win the 1960 election
Outside in : the oral history of Guido Calabresi
Passport entanglements : protection, care, and precarious migrations
Questions & answers. Property : multiple-choice and short-answer questions and answers
Race relations in the United States, 1900-1920
Race relations in the United States, 1920-1940
Race relations in the United States, 1940-1960
Race relations in the United States, 1960-1980
Race, ethnicity and social theory
Reckoning with racism : police, judges, and the RDS case
Regulation of innovative technologies : blockchain, artificial intelligence and quantum computing
Rethinking environmental law : why environmental laws should conform to the laws of nature
Revised laws, Minnesota, 1905 : enacted April 18, 1905, to take effect March 1, 1906
Roles of justice in bioethics
Scholarly writing for law students : seminar papers, law review notes and law review competition papers
Science as a cultural human right
Securities regulation : selected statutes, rules and forms
Sh*t no one tells you about law school
Shakespeare's law
Shaping the bar : the future of attorney licensing
Sharpening the legal mind : how to think like a lawyer
Shirley Chisholm : champion of Black feminist power politics
Shirley Chisholm : the last interview and other conversations
Snitching : criminal informants and the erosion of American justice
Spectacles and specters : a performative theory of political trials
State-owned entities and human rights : the role of international law
Student's experiences of psychosocial problems in higher education : battling and belonging
Study on the issue of Taiwan's participation in the international space
Text and interpretation : imam JaΜfar al-Ṣādiq and his legacy in Islamic law
The August trials : the Holocaust and postwar justice in Poland
The Cambridge handbook of artificial intelligence : global perspectives on law and ethics
The Merovingians : kingship, institutions, law, and history
The Oxford handbook of law and anthropology
The Routledge handbook of the gig economy
The Shamama case : contesting citizenship across the modern Mediterranean
The Supreme Court, federal and state taxation, and the Constitution
The United States and international law : paradoxes of support across contemporary issues
The antiracism handbook : practical tools to shift your mindset & uproot racism in your life & community
The black butterfly : the harmful politics of race and space in America
The burnout challenge : managing people's relationships with their jobs
The color of abolition : how a printer, a prophet, and a contessa moved a nation
The democratic rule of law on trial : First Amendment cases of the Trump era
The economic weapon : the rise of sanctions as a tool of modern war
The ethics of abortion : women's rights, human life, and the question of justice
The ex post facto clause : its history and role in a punitive society
The expelled law student : a case law survey
The failure of the International Criminal Court in Africa : decolonising global justice
The flourishing lawyer : a multi-dimensional approach to performance and well-being
The good hegemon : US power, accountability as justice, and the multilateral development banks
The great property fallacy : theory, reality, and growth in developing countries
The law of public communication
The law of the Colorado River : a legal research guide
The lawyer's guide to business ethics
The legacy of slavery at Harvard : report and recommendations of the Presidential Committee
The performance of law : everyday lawyering at the intersection of advocacy and imagination
The power of the jury : transforming citizens into jurors
The relational self and human rights : Paul Ricœur's hermeneutics of suspicion
The right kind of suffering : gender, sexuality, and Arab asylum seekers in America
The road to sanctuary : building power and community in Philadelphia
The significant lawyer : the pursuit of purpose and professionalism
The story of work: a new history of humankind
The strange case of Dr. Paul Schoeppe
The sword and the shield : the revolutionary lives of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.
The trial of Giordano Bruno
The verdict
Theorizing local migration law and governance
To drink from the well : the struggle for racial equality at the nation's oldest public university
Top federal tax issues for 2023 : CPE course
Tort law update
Transgression and deviance in the ancient world
Trial skills
Two houses, two kingdoms : a history of France and England, 1100-1300
Uncontrollable Blackness : African American men and criminality in Jim Crow New York
Under a white sky : the nature of the future
Unraveling faculty burnout : pathways to reckoning and renewal
Vanishing contract law : common law in the age of contracts
Virtual searches : regulating the covert world of technological policing
War, states, and international order : Alberico Gentili and the foundational myth of the laws of war
What racists believe : race relations in South Africa and the United States
Winning in your own court : 10 laws for a successful career without burning out or selling out
Without trimmings : the legal, moral, and political philosophy of Matthew Kramer
Wives and work : Islamic law and ethics before modernity
Women and slavery
Wright's Minnesota rules