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January 2019

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A critical introduction to law and literature

A people's constitution : the everyday life of law in the Indian republic

Alabama rules of civil procedure, annotated

Bankruptcy code : text and legislative history of the Bankruptcy Code, text and legislative history of selected provisions of the Judicial Code, text of related statutes

Bankruptcy rules : federal rules of bankruptcy procedure, as amended effective December 1, 2018; federal rules of evidence current as of December 1, 2018 ; official forms as amended December 1, 2018 ; director's procedural forms as amended December 1, 2018 with explanatory comments

Boundaries of the international : law and empire

Broker-dealer law and regulation

Business statistics of the United States : patterns of economic change

Condamner à mort au Moyen Âge : pratiques de la peine capitale en France, XIIIe-XVe siècle

Covenants not to compete : a state-by-state survey

Cultivation and culture : labor and the shaping of slave life in the Americas

Farnsworth on contracts

Federal income taxation of debt instruments

Federal sentencing guidelines manual : effective November 1, 1987 : including November 1, 2018 amendments to guidelines, policy statements, and commentary ...

Freeing Charles : the struggle to free a slave on the eve of the Civil War

Haymarket scrapbook

How to write a business plan

Humanizing the laws of war : the Red Cross and the development of international humanitarian law

Joseph Anton : a memoir

Just giving : why philanthropy is failing democracy and how it can do better

Newsgathering and the law

Not here, not now, not that! : protest over art and culture in America

Real estate transactions : tax planning and consequences

Religious liberty

Rightful heritage : Franklin D. Roosevelt and the land of America

Securities regulation

Selma and the Liuzzo murder trials : the first modern civil rights convictions

Slipping through the cracks : unaccompanied children detained by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service

Smuggling of migrants by sea : EU legal framework and future perspective

The American Indian as slaveholder and secessionist

The Constitution demands it : the case for the impeachment of Donald Trump

The regulation of international trade

The spectacle of death : populist literary responses to American capital cases

Why does inequality matter?

Women, dissent and anti-slavery in Britain and America, 1790-1865

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