The Bounds Law Library welcomes visitors and members of the community. Although the primary focus of the law library is to provide services needed by the law faculty and law students, the library offers many services which are available to all who enter. Our goal is to provide high quality library service. We are here to help.


The Circulation Desk is staffed all hours the library is open to the general public.

Although much of the law library’s collection is non-circulating, due to its research value, single volume treatises can be checked out. All check-out and check-in takes place at the Circulation Desk.

Photocopying Services

There are three photocopiers for student use. Two photocopy machines are located near the Circulation Desk in Room 228; a third machine is downstairs in the suite of offices adjoining the Student Lounge. These machines require a copy card, which may be purchased from the dispenser in teh Gorgas library.

Copy cards for School of Law organizations and law firms are issued by Peggy McIntosh in Room 218 of the Law Library. Anyone who wishes to purchase or add value to a copy card should consult Ms. McIntosh between 8:00a and 4:15p, Monday-Friday. Occasionally, there may be a delay between the request and the receipt of the card. Please allow time for a card to be processed.

Study Carrels

Law students may reserve study carrels through a sign-up process held at the beginning of the fall semester. The following rules and procedures regarding the use of carrels should be followed:

  • Any library books kept in a carrel should be checked out. Otherwise, the books will be reshelved.
  • Do not leave any valuable items, such as purses, wallets, or electronic equipment in a carrel. No security is provided for student property.
  • Students must remove all items from their carrels by the end of the spring semester. Any items left in carrels at that time will be discarded.

Several study carrels are wired for direct connection to the School of Law’s network; a notice that identifies these carrels is located next to the carrel number. In order to access the network through these connections, a laptop must be equipped with a network interface. These carrels are currently available on a first-come, first-served basis. However, all materials are removed from these carrels every Monday morning.

Lost & Found

A lost and found area is maintained at the Circulation Desk. Please inquire here if you have lost an item in the library. Students with missing possessions may also check with the housekeepers and at the Records Office. A lost and found box for diskettes is kept in the Computer Lab.