Remote Access Info

This page includes tips and workarounds for correcting problems encountered when logging into or accessing the law library’s electonic resources. If none of these solutions applies to your particular circumstances, please contact Blake Beals at or 205-348-2373. Please be sure to include as much of the following information as possible in your email or to have access to it when you call:

  1. The precise problem you encountered;
  2. The location from which you encountered the problem (inside the law school, on campus but not within the law school, home, etc.);
  3. The operating system and version of your computer (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux, Mac OS X 10.6, etc.);
  4. If you encountered the problem off campus, the name of your internet service or broadband provider;
  5. The name and version of your web browser (Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3, Safari 4, etc.);
  6. Whether you are using a personal firewall program.


In order to allow remote access to library materials, our proxy server software must set a cookie on your computer (we do not use these cookies to track personally identifiable information in any way). To use our materials from outside the law school, you may need to set your browser to accept cookies.

In Internet Explorer, select Tools from the menu bar at the top of the window and choose Internet Options... Next, select the tab labeled Privacy and make sure the sliding bar is set to medium high or lower.

Alternatively, you can set your privacy level to a higher setting and override the setting only for our proxy server. At the bottom of the Privacy box, choose the button labeled Edit... and enter, click Allow, and click OK.

For help setting other web browsers to use cookies, contact Blake Beals.

Access to many of the resources available from this website is limited to specific groups of library users. Some resources, specifically the Lexis and Westlaw legal database systems, are available only to users who possess a personal username and/or password. (Lexis and Westlaw IDs are available for all law school faculty and students. Please contact the library if you need an ID.)

Other resources are available to any user physically present in the UA law school and accessing the materials from a computer located on the law school network. Many of these resources are also available remotely to users with the proper credentials, as discussed below. Users who do not meet the proper requirements for a particular resource will not be able to access the resource from off-site. We can make no exceptions to these policies.

Law Library Resources

Most law library database and electronic journal subscriptions, course reserves, and law school exams are available off-campus to law school faculty, staff, and students. You may access these databases through our secure proxy server by logging in with your law school username and password—the same username and password you use to access your law school Webmail account. For password problems, please contact the law school’s technology helpdesk at

Our proxy server makes use of SSL web technology to keep your passwords secure and to prevent interception during the log in process. Should you encounter a “security alert” at any point during log in, please select “Yes” (in Internet Explorer) or a similar appropriate choice (in other web browsers) to accept our security certificate. The issues raised by this “Security Alert” do not affect the security of your username or password.

If you encounter any problems accessing or using any of the Law/Remote materials, please see Law/Remote Access Problems or contact Blake Beals at or 205-348-2373. Please let us know about even the smallest issues, as we can't fix them until we hear about them.

UA Libraries Resources

A number of the databases to which pages on this website link are provided by the University Libraries, the main campus library system. The majority of these databases may be accessed from any networked campus computer or by UA faculty, staff, and students with a valid UA ID number. To log in, simply type in your last name and enter your UA ID number with no spaces or dashes (eg., 000112222, not 000-11-2222).

While our reference staff will be happy to help you search these databases, we have no control over these subscriptions and can not provide assistance with access or login problems. Please contact the University Libraries Systems Office with any such problems.